How to use a

Face Roller

Face Roller

by Miranda Mendelson


in your Beauty Routine

While super trendy on social media in recent years, face rolling is an ancient beauty tradition tracing back to China.

Benefits can include boosting circulation, reducing fine lines, draining toxins for less of a puffy appearance, and reducing the appearance of pores.

Tap through to see how to use it in your routine!

I use a simple face roller that was under $10 on Amazon. Keeping it in a skin care fridge not only makes it feel more luxurious, but also boosts its benefits!

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Before starting, I always make sure I sanitize my face roller, since I keep it in a drawer. I spray alcohol on both ends and wait for it to dry.

While the alcohol dries, I apply a face serum. Rolling over a face serum helps push it in your skin, spread it evenly, and gives the roller a little glide.

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Start by rolling along your jawline, then down the neck. Roll over the neck down toward the collarbone.

Always roll from the center of your face outward. I start near the nose and roll up toward the temple, then from the corner of the mouth down to the jaw line.

Use the smaller end of your face roller to get your under eye area. Be gentle, as this is the most delicate area on your face. Try not to tug or press hard. Let the roller do the work.

On the forehead, roll in a half circle motion, going up from your eyebrow and down toward your temples.

Things to keep in mind:

Your face rolling routine shouldn't exceed 5 minutes... you won't get extra benefits from going longer.

Never roll back and forth-- always move in one sweeping motion outward from the center.

Don't tug or press too hard into the skin, which can cause wrinkles. Imagine sweeping liquid right beneath the skin.

You'll notice this routine is very similar to dry brushing, which also utilizes facial massage for lymphatic drainage to get similar benefits.

You can also do this routine on top of a sheet mask. This will give you the benefits of facial massage while helping the mask deposit serum into your skin.

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