What is

Dry Brushing?

by Miranda Mendelson


Dry brushing consists of sweeping a brush across the skin, which exfoliates while stimulating the lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system is made up of vessels under the skin that work to deliver fluid back into the circulatory system to filter out toxins and excess fluid.

Benefits Include:

☑️ gently exfoliates ☑️ reduces ingrown hairs ☑️ can help detoxify and clear congestion ☑️ helps reduce puffiness ☑️ can help clear, tone and firm skin ☑️ may reduce the appearance of cellulite ☑️ can boost energy

When dry brushing, you want to work from the neck up to your forehead. You're essentially clearing the path for your vessels to drain fluid under the skin. Start at the jaw and brush down the neck.

Next, move the brush upward from your chin and mouth area to the perimeters of the face.

Move up, brushing from the center of your face outward. Be gentle in the undereye area.

Move in an upward sweeping motion across the forehead toward the temple. Finish by brushing downward over the perimeters of the face toward the neck.

Typically, you want to use a coarser brush for the body and a slightly softer brush for the face.

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