When  Does Makeup Expire?!

By Miranda Mendelson SlashedBeauty.com

If you're one to hold on to makeup (and use it) for years, it's time to reevaluate your beauty habits!

Makeup does, in fact, have expiration dates that should be followed for optimal hygiene and performance.

Blue Rings

You may have noticed this symbol on your cosmetics, which indicates the number of months the product is effective and safe to use, starting on the date you open it.

No symbol? Tap through for the general shelf life of makeup by product.



Blush, bronzer and other face powders are generally good for two years -- as long as you're using clean brushes when dipping into the formula!

2 Years


6 mo - 1 yr

If you notice separation of the formula, or any smells, it's time to toss! Foundations with SPF may expire sooner, and become less effective.


6 mo - 1 yr

Wetter formulas like cream blush, cream eyeshadow, or cream foundations are ideal environments for bacteria. Keep your creams more clean by always using clean tools. Any texture changes indicate it's time to toss!


3 Months

Wet formula + direct contact with the eye area regularly means you should take this expiration date seriously to avoid infections! Any smells mean it's way overdue.


1 - 2 Years

Your lipsticks will last longer when stored in a cool, dry place. Otherwise, check for texture differences like a too-dry bullet or goopiness and separation.


3 - 4 Months

Similarly to mascara, this product should be replaced regularly. Any liquid products that come in contact with your eyes have the shortest shelf lives.


1 Year

On the other hand, pencil eyeliners can last longer as they are regularly sharpened, shedding the outermost layer and the germs with it. Extend the shelf life by storing in a cool, dry place and never heating it up.

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