How to Color Correct the Right Way

by Miranda Mendelson


What is  Color Correcting?


Color Correcting is rooted in color theory, using shades of makeup to strategically cancel out discolorations.

Green is the opposite of red on the color wheel, and so green concealer can help better conceal the redness from acne.

In years past, it was recommended to layer green concealer under your skin match concealer. I find this ineffective at covering the redness fully and evenly under makeup.

I like to mix the green concealer with my skin match concealer at a 25:75 ratio. Mixing the shades still lets the green tone cancel out red without adding too many layers of makeup, so it blends seamlessly.

Using a blending brush, dot the concealer mix onto your spots and softly blend out the edges.

When the green and red tones cancel each other out, you'll be left with just your skin match!

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