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Miranda Mendelson | SlashedBeauty.com

Ursula from The Little Mermaid is the perfect Disney villain to recreate as a DIY Halloween costume.

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Face Paint Palette

Face paint will allow you to fully transform into the purple sea witch. A multi-shade palette will allow you to mix colors and customize your look.

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Purple & Blue Eyeshadow

The Profusion Delightful Dahlia palette is under $5 and has all the shades you need to both contour the face and create Ursula's blue eyeshadow look.

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Red Lip Liner

Ursula sports a signature red lip. Over-line your lips with a sharp cupids bow using a long lasting red lip liner.

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White Wig

Get creative-- you're not bound to the traditional short hairstyle the animated Ursula wears! Try other styles in a white color to make the look personal.

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Complete the Look

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