4 skin care tools

4 skin care tools

to try in 2022

by Miranda Mendelson


Skin care tools can help enhance your routine, improve your skin appearance and make your other products more effective.

Tap through to discover four skin care tools to pamper yourself in 2022!


The Foreo LUNA device gives you a deeper, yet gentle, cleanse with your face wash. The touchpoints help exfoliate, lift away dirt and oil, and are 35x more hygienic than bristle face brushes.

Best part... there are no replacement parts! This device is pricey but is a one-time purchase that will last you years.

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Compare LUNA models and see which one is right for you!

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The Solawave is a 4-in-1 skin care device that offers red light therapy, microcurrent, therapeutic warmth and facial massage.

It helps promote smoothing of fine lines, clearer skin, more glow, among other benefits.

Read my full review of the Solawave + before & afters!

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The benefits of a facial steamer include extra boost of hydration for your skin, and enhanced absorption of your skin care products.

I love steaming before and during a face mask to help it penetrate deeper.

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Jade rolling may seem indulgent, but the practice can really help reduce the appearance of puffiness, especially in the morning.

They provide what is called a lymphatic massage, helping to drain toxins underneath the surface of the skin.

Read more about the benefits of jade rolling

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