Amazon Beauty Finds

by Miranda Mendelson


Amazon has become a  one-stop-shop  for everything, and one of the best online beauty destinations!

Tap through for 4 amazing Amazon beauty finds I love!

Revlon One Step Styler

A blow dryer and styler all in one, this will take your hair from wet to styled quickly while adding volume and shine.

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Practk by Sigma Brushes

This is an affordable line of makeup brushes and tools made by Sigma-- they're all $9 or under and extremely high quality.

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Airishine Magnetic Lashes

These magnetic lashes adhere to the included eyeliner-- no glue needed! Mess free and they stay on all day.

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Watch my review of these magnetic lashes & see how they work!

Tweezerman iLash Comb

This metal comb helps separate lashes, removing excess mascara or clumps. It's a lifesaver when you've gone one coat too far!

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