Amazon's $5

Personal Shopper


How It Works:

by Miranda Mendelson


Why Use a Personal Shopper?

You don't want to spend time browsing for the right styles and fits

You struggle putting together outfits

You want an unbiased style perspective

You want to try something new you may not necessarily pick for yourself

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Amazon's Personal Shopper Program gives you outfit recommendations from a personal stylist, and lets you try on up to 8 items before committing to a purchase!

This feature is available to Prime members. Each styling costs $4.99, and can be ordered monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly.

You take an extensive quiz about your style taste, fit preference, body type and more.

Before Getting Styled

You're able to send custom requests about the occasion you're shopping for, dress code, colors, weather, or other specifics.

You can live chat with a stylist before your outfits are curated to let them know even more about what you want, or to ask questions.

Or, check the "Surprise Me!" box to give your stylist free range based on your style quiz.

How Amazon's Personal Shopper program differs from other fashion try-on subscriptions:

Your stylist will send you curated outfits from Amazon. Pick up to 8 items to try on for FREE.

A Few Days Later...

Once your picks arrive, you have 7 days to decide what to keep or return. You only pay for the clothes you keep, and they include a pre-paid label for the return.

Swipe up to watch my experience with Amazon Personal Shopping, and what they sent me based on my quiz!

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