Why I Don’t Like Metallic Lipsticks

    There, I said it. While metallic lips have been on trend for a few years now, they’re not something I get super excited for when new releases hit shelves.

    How to Make Metallic Lipstick Look Better. | Slashed Beauty

    Here’s the thing: I’ve got a lot of lines on my lips. Even when they’re exfoliated to the gods, there’s very little I can do about the natural lines and creases without getting fillers. And what do metallic lipsticks do? They accentuate the hell out them.

    There have been very few metallic lipsticks that I find look good on me… or rather, just less unflattering.

    How to Make Metallic Lipstick Look Better. | Slashed Beauty

    While most metallic lipsticks end up looking flaky and too textured on my lips, the best collection that I’ve come across is the Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Metallics Lipstick. They’re super creamy and have unique shades like the one above in Smoked Silver that really take advantage of the statement metallics make.

    If you also have a hard time with metallic lipsticks, here are a few tips on how to wear the trend without looking crusty.

    How to Make Metallic Lipstick Look Better. | Slashed Beauty

    Always Exfoliate. Just like matte lipsticks, metallics will grab onto and highlight any texture on your lips. Be sure to exfoliate beforehand for comfort and a smoother finish.

    Stick to Creamy Formulas. In my experience, liquid metallics are the biggest culprits in settling into fine lines. Using creamy formulas or traditional tube lipsticks will help fill and smooth your lip lines so they are less noticable.

    Avoid Lighter Shades. Metallic finishes already act as a highlight– using a lighter shade will only intensify the effect. As seen in the photo above, light colors add more contrast between the highest points of your lips and the crevices of the lines. Stick to deeper shades for a more even look.

    What is your experience with metallic lipsticks? Do you love the trend? Do you have a favorite? Let me know in the comments below. And now for the best blog posts of the week from The Lipstick League!

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