What is  Crystal Deodorant?

by Miranda Mendelson


Crystal deodorant is made of a block of mineral salt, which creates a barrier against odor-causing bacteria when applied to the underarms.

It’s made without aluminum chloride, chlorohydrate, zirconium, parabens or fragrance.

Wondering why you should avoid aluminum? Swipe up!

You apply crystal deodorant by getting the surface wet, then gliding it over your underarms. The mineral salt dissolves and forms a barrier on your skin.

The CRYSTAL brand sells mineral salt deodorant in both twist-up and package-less versions.

Having used both, I find the twist-up version more familiar feeling, while the package-less is prone to drops.

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It's important to note: this is not an anti-perspirant. It fights odor, but not sweating.

With that said, it's the only natural deodorant that works for a full 24 hours on me! Plus, it's affordable and can last well over a year.

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