five winter hair care tips

for less frizz & more shine

by Miranda Mendelson of

The winter elements are hard on hair, and can cause dryness, frizz, an irritated scalp and overall dull appearance.

Your hair needs extra TLC this season, tap through to see how to get it looking salon-styled all season!

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Wash your hair less. Overwashing can lead to dry ends and an oily scalp as it tries to reproduce the natural moisture you take away with shampoo.

Tip 1

Use hair & scalp treatments for an extra boost in your routine. I use a Tea Tree Oil hair mask that helps sooth dry scalp and hydrate my hair for a silky feel.

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Refresh between washes with leave-in conditioner. This will help maintain shine and control frizz. I use a spray leave-in, which is lightweight and not greasy.

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Choose heat tools wisely. To reduce heat exposure, I use a blow dryer that also styles my hair straight and sleek. It works faster, which means less heat on my hair.

Tip 4

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Run a humidifier. This keeps water in the air, which helps maintain moisture levels in your hair and skin. It will help with frizz, static and dryness.

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Look at that shine! 👀

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