The Best Way to Curl Your Hair Overnight

(without heat!)

Miranda Mendelson |

Ever wish you could wake up with your hair done and curled?

I discovered a tool that makes it possible... and you've got to see these results!

The Flower Curl is a ring system you wear in your hair overnight. Your hair is wrapped around each ring and sets the style while you sleep.

Keep tapping to see how it works + a coupon code!

Pull your hair through the middle donut at a high ponytail position, and pin the middle section down.

Step 1

Section your hair, and wrap each section around the ring, pinning as you go. Once wrapped, clip the ring down securely so it stays in place.

Step 2

With all of your hair pulled to the top of your head, sleeping with the Flower Curl is comfortable no matter the position!

Unwrap each section carefully, then pull the Flower Curl off the head. You can now style these large curls by combing or separating them.

The Next Morning...

I use a wide tooth comb to brush through the large curls, and finish with a serum. Here's the finished look!


Use the code MIRANDA15 for  15% off the Flower Curl!

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