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Face Masks

by Miranda Mendelson


Masking in the Mornings

Working face masks into your morning routine can help you prep your face for makeup, or brighten your complexion for a no-makeup glow. Pop it on for 10 minutes while you drink your coffee or pack your lunch!

Eye Masks

Eye masks are perfect for morning, as they can help de-puff and brighten the under eye. Plus, you can do the rest of your makeup while they're on!


Vitamin C Masks

Vitamin C helps brighten, tone and neutralizes free radicals for anti-aging benefits. It's an AM/PM skin care ingredient, and an extra boost in a mask can give you a healthy glow!


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Charcoal Masks

Charcoal masks can help absorb oil, as well as minimize the appearance of pores. This is a great skin prep step for those with oily skin to balance the face for the day.


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