Drugstore Self Tan Routine

Drugstore Self Tan Routine

by Miranda Mendelson


Why Self Tan?

Get a healthy glow after a winter spent indoors

Add a sunkissed look without spending time in the sun.




Avoid or blend out tan lines



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Neutrogena  Build-a-Tan Lotion $8.97

These products were gifted to me for testing. All opinions are my own.

Dove Exfoliating Body Polish $5.99

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What You Need

*affiliate link

*affiliate link

Why This Lotion?

✅ Easy to Blend ✅ Clear Formula ✅ Dries in 5 Minutes ✅ Customizable Color 



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Exfoliate all over to remove dead skin cells for a more even and long lasting tan.


Apply the sunless tanner just like lotion in an even layer.

Watch the Magic Happen

The color will start to develop  between 2-4 hours after application.  Wait at least 8 hours between applications if you want a deeper color.


This color is after only one application!

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