The Best Budget Friendly  Setting Powders


Setting powders are a great way to mattify your makeup, extend wear time, and help smooth your skin finish.

Tap through to discover the best affordable setting powders at the drugstore and online!

Coty Airspun Powder

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This is a classic at the drugstore! The Airspun powder is a loose, soft formula that mattifies your makeup and smooths your skin. Heed my warning about the strong fragrance, though. Sensitive noses might not like this.

Honest Beauty Loose Blurring Powder

While this one is a bit more expensive for a "drugstore" powder, it performs better than high end at a fraction of the price. Not only is it a fine texture for easy blending, but the mesh sifter makes it easy to pick up the right amount of powder with your brush. Fragrance Free is a plus!

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Physicians Formula Butter Believe It! Face Powder

If you prefer pressed powder, this is a great option that can make your skin look airbrushed. The butters in the formula smooth and nourish the skin while you wear it, and it's dry skin friendly. However, it does contain fragrance.

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AOA Perfect Setting Powder

My absolute favorite setting powder? The $1 Perfect Setting Powder from AOA Studio. You'll have to grab this one online, but the quality is beyond $50 powders I've used. It's soft, applies evenly, smooths lines and pores while setting your makeup in place all day.

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