5 Must-Haves for

thick hair

thick hair

by Miranda Mendelson


Thick hair is a blessing, but it can also be a burden when it comes to styling!

Tap through to discover five tried-and-true products that make managing thick hair easier!

spiral hair ties

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Spiral hair ties hold thick hair better by creating a stronger grip on the hair. They hold thick hair in place without drooping or sliding out, even while active.

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revlon one-step dryer

This is the only hair dryer I use. The brush style thoroughly and quickly dries my hair while styling it straight, smooth and voluminous.

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frenchies hair pins

Traditional bobby pins aren't strong enough to hold thick hair in fun styles. Frenchies are flocked (they feel velvety) which create grip so they can hold heavy, thick hair with less pins.

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wet brush

Don't let this be you!!

I've broken my fair share of hair brushes. Detangling my hair used to be something I'd actively avoid before the Wet Brush. It gently detangles quickly, with less breakage and ripping.

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waterpik bodywand

This shower head + attachment combo has a Powercomb feature with high pressure streams to get water through the layers of thick hair.

Rinsing product out of thick hair can take forever.


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