5 Perfect Perfumes for Spring & Summer

on any budget

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Grabbing a new perfume is a fun and easy way to change up your vibe in a new season.

Whether you want to test the waters on the cheap, or splurge on a designer bottle, here are 5 perfumes perfect for Spring & Summer ranging from $10 to $170.

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Solinotes Yuzu

Inspired by a popular Japanese fruit, Yuzu is a citrus-forward fragrance that's zesty, with a bit of muskiness from the patchouli base notes.


Pacifica Sunrise Moon


If you love fruity scents, this will be a new favorite! It mostly smells like peaches, with a bit of citrus from the mandarin base notes and rounded out with warmth from the cardamom.

Pacifica Neon Moon


If you love earthy, musky scents, this one may be your jam. It almost takes on a cologne quality with the sandalwood notes and spiciness from spicy cardamom. Jasmine helps soften it up and balance out the scent.

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Kate Spade New York

Fruity and floral, this fragrance is balanced between strawberry, rose, and cashmere for an almost dessert-like scent that's sweet but not sickly.


Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb Dew


Despite having Flowerbomb in the name, this takes on much more of a morning dew type scent-- like the sweetness of a spring morning after the lawn's been cut and maybe there's a pear tree in the yard, too.

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