REVIEW: Vitabath Body Wash & Body Mist in Lavender Chamomile

    The hotter it seems to get, (and believe me, here in SoCal, the heat is getting worse by the day), the more I’m shying away from perfumes and reaching for body mists. They just have that refreshing feel to them, you know?

    Recently, Tina from My Highest Self introduced me to the Vitabath brand, and sent me the Spa Day Body Wash & Fragrance Mist in Lavender Chamomile.

    Browsing through the Vitabath website, there is something for everyone. They have products as cheap as $2.50, and some almost $100. Regardless of your budget, you can indulge in their sweet-smelling spa products.


    The Lavender Chamomile body wash and fragrance mist has such a unique smell that I can’t say I’ve ever come across before. It’s both sweet and musky, and to some might be an acquired smell (it was for me!). Adam likes it, but says it reminds him more of a men’s body wash than a woman’s. I don’t know if I necessarily agree with him, but it’s definitely a warmer scent than what I usually use.

    The body wash is moisturizing for sure, and is the perfect consistency. I hate when body washes are too slippery, but this one is just right.

    The fragrance in both of the products isn’t overbearing. Of course you could always layer on the mist, but I think just a couple of spritzes are perfect with this specific fragrance.

    Vitabath body washes and fragrances come in a bunch of dreamy-sounding varieties, like Cupcake Couture Heavenly Coconut (I’ll definitely be trying that one next), and Fruit Fanatic Grapefruit Vanilla.

    What does your favorite body wash/fragrance mist smell like?




      • Funny you should mention vanilla, because the bottle does describe the scent being mixed with vanilla. It’s very subtle, but it’s there! You’d probably like the scent!

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