Updated Makeup & Beauty Storage

    One of my New Years resolutions was to get more organized and tidy with my makeup collection. Since I filmed my last makeup storage video, the amount of makeup I own has about quadrupled and I’ve found some great ways to store it all.

    Updated Makeup & Beauty Storage/Collection:

    You can find these types of carts on a variety of different websites and in most craft stores for a range of prices. The large one you see in the video cost me $22 from Walmart.com, but I now realize that it was most likely a Black Friday Weekend sale. However, there are still many options for organizing your makeup affordably. Just keep your eyes peeled! Good terms to search are makeup storage, storage carts, and drawer storage. As you noticed, many of my storage containers are from the dollar store.

    LAPTOP UPDATE: My laptop has been shipped to me and I should get it by Monday by the latest… but it was wiped clean. I have some backups of a few of my most important files, but what a bummer! Anyway, posts should get back to normal next week! Thanks for sitting tight!



    1. I love those standup bins!! I just have sterilite drawers in my bedroom and then huge ones in my craft/makeup storage area. zzzz boring.

    2. This is great, thanks for the tips! It’s so important to know where everything is so that you don’t waste hours looking for things and making a mess at the same time.

    3. i always love seeing how others store their collections. i’ve had an old wooden desk that i’ve been using as a vanity for a couple of years but as my collection has expanded i’m trying to find more clever ways to store all my stuff.

      i really like the idea of the ice cube “stick” trays for those quads – i need to see if i can find some of those! on that same thought, a regular ice cube tray may be able to fit your BFTE shadows – you can get them at the dollar store and if they don’t fit you can always use it for smaller shadow pots.

      for your lip products – i just bought 4 acrylic holders that hold 24 products each, on ebay for $4.50 each, they are from China so they took a while (about a month) to get in but so cheap and worth it. if you’re interested the seller’s name is “foreversellers”. i have lip products in 2 of them, one holds liquid eyeliners and one holds concealers. right now they’re out on the top of my desk but i’m eventually going to replace the desk with something with more drawers so they’ll go in a drawer once i do.

      lastly a word of caution: the beauty sponge you have from walgreens – i had one of those as well, and after i used it the first time (wet) i stored it in the original package. i didn’t pick it up again for a while, but when i did, i noticed what appeared to be mold on the bigger end. so after you use it make sure you let it dry somewhere out in the open (mine was in a drawer) and probably don’t store it in that package! do you have a beauty blender? if so i’d love to know the difference between the “original” and the walgreens version – even though i only got to use it once, i really didn’t like it (hence not picking it up again for a while) but i know some people swear by the beauty blender so i’m wondering if it’s worth it to buy a “real” one.

      • I’m going to check out those acrylic lippie holders!
        Wow, thanks for the heads up about the sponge! I just used it last night for the first time wet and stored it back in the same tube, so as soon as I read your comment I took it out and its still damp. Hopefully it dries safely now. I’ve never used the original beauty blender but my favorite so far (and over the Walgreens one) is the SoHo blender sponge. Real Techniques just put out their version which I’m interested in trying!

        • you can get those holders from the container store too but they’re around $7 each – if you don’t have a store near you (i don’t) you’d have to pay for shipping too, and the ones from china were free shipping – i’m all about going as cheap as possible 🙂

          i may have used my blender more than once because i do remember that it did stay damp for a lot longer than i expected it to – maybe a week? but again it was stored in that tube so it might dry faster if out in the open.

          i do love real techniques brushes – might just have to give their sponge a go!

    4. Also, goes to show that drugstore can be just as good as department store when you find yourself loving Rimmel and not as impressed with the Lorac mascara!

    5. Love your storage! Also, this is the first video I watched from you and you have a great video voice! You sound engaging and I enjoyed it!


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