Traveling with a Lot of Makeup: SOHO Travel Cases

    Traveling with a Lot of Makeup: SOHO Travel Cases | Slashed Beauty

    Last weekend, I went on a road trip to house-sit for my mom. As my beauty arsenal greatly expands during winter, I needed a convenient way to keep my must-have products safe, stored and organized on the go. I was traveling with more than usual, since I planned on blogging and testing out products while I was there, which led me to discover the awesomeness of two travel bags from SOHO for cosmetics and personal products.

    Traveling with a Lot of Makeup: SOHO Travel Cases | Slashed Beauty

    For the Neat Freak: The Angle Management Small Valet ($19.99) is perfect for keeping everything in its place. It opens to lay flat, but has an attached hook to hang it up on a closet or bathroom door, saving precious counter space. The compartments are clear, so you can see exactly what you’re grabbing for. The coolest part of this case: the built in brush holder/protector! You can slip in six large makeup brushes, or fit two slimmer ones per slot. A clear panel folds over the brushes and is secured with an elastic to keep them secure and clean.

    Traveling with a Lot of Makeup: SOHO Travel Cases | Slashed Beauty

    For the Heavy Packer: If you’re not a fan of sample packets or travel sizes, this is for you! The Angle Management Train Case ($16.99) offers one large compartment to fit bigger items into, plus a clear zip pouch. I found it especially handy for skin care, hair products and other toiletries. I was able to fit about six bulky bottles into it, plus a few extra makeup items, and zip them up neatly into the unit. It’s tall enough to stand some products upright to avoid spills, as well.

    Both the cases are sturdy and made out of easy-to-clean polyester. They keep your makeup collection compact and easy to pack. I like that they’re light, so they don’t add much weight to luggage like standard train cases. I can imagine these working well as regular storage for smaller collections in dorm rooms, too. I know I’ll be taking one or the other (or both!) on trips in the future.

    How do you pack your makeup for traveling?



    1. Those SoHo bags are so cute. They are so fun and I would surely love using those. I have my Coach vanity bag and my Mary Kay that is a hanging organizer that removes the little pouches… that is usually what I take.

    2. I love the pattern, it’s so bright and fun! And it’s nice that these bags can fit in a lot of makeup and skincare – perfect for traveling!


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