The UNMODEL Search: Passion is Beautiful

    I always get very excited when I learn of a company’s efforts to break the beauty mold that we’ve adopted as a society. Last week while scrolling through Twitter, I came across a contest called the UNMODEL Search. A new professional hair care company is looking for faces of their brand, but instead of hiring typical models, they’re looking for models of integrity. Ladies everywhere can apply to be the face of this brand by submitting a one-to-five minute video talking about what they’re most passionate about. It’s the brand’s belief that nothing is more beautiful than passion, and they want their spokesperson to embody that value.


    So you’re probably wondering exactly what I was when I first heard about this- WHAT BRAND IS IT? At first I thought it was suspicious that they wouldn’t reveal their identity; it would be great publicity to be associated with such a positive campaign. I then realized that by keeping themselves anonymous, this campaign is being done for all the right reasons. After reaching out to the brand about their identity, they responded:

    “We are respectfully keeping our official Brand name confidential for the duration of The UNMODEL Search for a number of reasons.  We really hope to inspire a true, natural connection with people in a way that transcends any brand.  We want people to be part of our mission without being pressured with having to affiliate with hardcore brand marketing.  We simply want to enjoy the passion that people hold in their hearts and to bring that inspiration to our industry advertising as an alternative to what exists currently.”

    The chosen UNMODELS will be featured in advertisements, printed materials and on the brand’s website. Not to mention, they will receive a complete hair makeover and a year’s supply of luxury hair care products. The brand has also informed me that the UNMODELs will be an ongoing platform for the brand, and will constantly showcase new, passionate women.

    “Often, images in professional hair care depict models that are so perfect that it makes it hard for non-models to feel beautiful in comparison.  We then purchase brands and services to aim for perfection rather than to feel great about who we already are.  By having “UNMODELS” represent our brand, we hope that we will inspire people to live passionately and to remember how gorgeous that is.” -Email correspondence from the Brand

    The UNMODEL Search ends on 11/30/13, and you can find more information on how to apply at You can also follow the campaign via Twitter and Facebook. I’m planning on keeping tabs on this campaign and will certainly update you once I find out more about the mysterious, but seemingly wonderful, brand!

    This contest really made me ponder the word “model” in general. Thumbing through my dictionary (oh who am I kidding… looking it up online…), I found the definition of “model” to be, “A standard or example for imitation or comparison.” (Source) This language is literally communicating that the women we see in ads are who we should be comparing ourselves to. I love the idea of an UNMODEL. Excited to see where this campaign goes!

    So tell me, what are you most passionate about? And what word do you think would best replace “model” in the beauty and fashion industry?



    1. It’s a good campaign. Did you apply? So far the only brand that uses real “unmodel” types is Dove. I could be wrong. But as a consumer, it makes it more relatable when real people are featured. I’m tired of seeing heavily photoshopped women who sell false promises.

      • I wanted to apply, but I don’t meet the age requirement! Only 4 months shy -_- And I love Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaigns. They are actually even more diverse in their European ads. They’ve gotten a lot of flack for still not being as diverse here, with the women still being pretty evenly proportioned, young, and what not.

    2. This is a great campaign. I’m probably going to submit a video 🙂 I’m passionate about achieving my dreams and ensuring I secure a great quality of life for myself and family.


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