Surprisingly Powerful BuzzFeed Video Challenges Perception of Beauty

    Things just got real up on BuzzFeed! No doubt you’ve found yourself browsing their hilarious numbered lists that describe you perfectly, took one of their personality quizzes, or watched their humorous skits on YouTube. This time around, BuzzFeed is making a statement.


    In a video published to their YouTube channel entitled, “Photoshopping Real Women Into Cover Models,” four women volunteer to participate in a professional photo shoot, knowing that their photos will be edited to reflect society’s standard of beauty. They admit to feeling self conscious as they don’t live up to the “ideal,” whether it be their wrinkles or weight.

    “It can be hard when you see models or celebrities, and you just don’t look the same,” participant Sierra Santana remarks. So what happened when a professional retouched their photos to make them look like models?

    Watch their reactions:

    After seeing themselves photoshopped to “perfection,” they are left uneasy and favoring their reality. “This is how I always wanted to see myself but now that I see it, I’m questioning why I ever wanted to look like that.”

    Surprisingly Powerful BuzzFeed Video Challenges Perception of Beauty

    I think it’s great that Buzzfeed is using their platform to spark conversation on this prevailing issue. However, in the middle of writing this article, I found out that participants Sierra Santana and Andronica Marquis are professional actresses, which somewhat disappoints me. It makes me second guess the genuineness of the video. The other two women, Kate Reynolds and Ella Meilniczenko are Buzzfeed staff.

    Regardless if the video was scripted or authentic, I’m glad that it has initiated discussion about the pressures put on women to live up to an unrealistic standard of beauty.

    “We live in a really interesting time where we feel like we have to make people look to the standard that’s not attainable for anybody,” Reynolds preached. Meilniczenko added: “The ideal just doesn’t exist.”



    1. Really interesting. I’d love to see myself all photoshopped, but I think it would be depressing. I don’t see anything wrong with the before pictures. Photoshop has given us all unrealistic ideas of what we should look like. This is the start of a great discussion.

    2. I agree no matter who they are, I am glad they started the conversation that this society needs to be talking about a lot more. Society wonders why there is so much more suicides, mental illness, all they have to do is look at what our society is calling normal.

    3. When I saw your thumbnail from the group, I knew I saw that pic but could not recall. I like how Buzzfeed touched on this subject. Real beauty is not defined by size, age, shape. I hope young girls realize that!

    4. I loved that Buzzfeed article, too. I’m bummed to find out that the women may not be giving authentic reactions, though.. I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am still naive about that, I guess!

    5. I’m sure that era is coming to an end, as more and more women are learning to love themselves just the way they are. It first started with some fashion designers refusing to use very skinny models, and now more and more companies have “real women” advertise products. Enough with the pressure already! Let’s just accept ourselves, and feel beautiful! 🙂


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