Superdrug Backpedals and Scraps Celebrity Weight Scale Idea

    What an interesting yesterday it was for Superdrug, Britain’s second largest beauty and health retailer (right after Boots).


    Thursday morning, Superdrug sent out a tweet (which has since been deleted) about new Celebrity Weight Scales that would measure your weight not in numbers, but celebrities. On the lighter end were celebrities such as Cheryl Cole, Kate Middleton, Beyonce and Rihanna. The mid range was reported to include Khloe Kardashian and Gemma Collins, while Adele, Queen Latifa and Melissa McCarthy fell on the higher end of the spectrum.

    Apparently, this scale was supposed to break down barriers when talking about weight?? Because we don’t get enough reinforcement that we should be comparing ourselves to these public figures already??


    According to Superdrug, these scales were made in response to a study that showed many women in the UK keep their weight a secret, or lie about it— even to healthcare professionals. A Superdrug representative said the scales are “just one of the ways that the health team here are helping our customers to be more open about discussing their health needs with our in store healthcare professionals.” Really, Superdrug? Really?

    As if we don’t live in a weight-obsessed society already, these types of reinforcements that we should be comparing ourselves to other people are extremely dangerous. Thank god consumers recognized this and started slamming the idea on social media. Cheryl Cole herself spoke out against the scale via her twitter:


    BEAT, the UK’s largest eating disorder charity told The Independent, “These scales are beyond belief – they prey on the very worst of celebrity culture to fuel a harmful obsession […] They do nothing to help people take a healthy attitude to food and everything to add to the toxic mix that today’s young people face.”

    After the intense backlash, Superdrug released this statement via twitter:

    So maybe they had decent enough intentions, but the fact that this idea probably had to go through at least, like, 10 people to even have a prototype MADE…

    Live life for you. Be happy for you. Be healthy for you. As Cassey Ho from Blogilates says, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” That is all.



    1. yeah, that doesn’t seem like a great idea to me. Kind of like weight watchers. If I went to WW and talked about food for an hour, the first thing I would do is go eat. The points system is great, but meetings wouldn’t help me. A scale with celebrities on it, I’d be obsessed with getting down to Beyonce or Kim or whatever.

    2. Unbelievable! Well I shouldn’t say that, I can believe it, but as someone who has struggled with her weight along with self-esteem issues this really disappoints me. You would think society would be trying to teach us not to compare ourselves to anyone. Thank you for sharing this with us!

    3. Unreal. What idiot thought of that? He might be collecting unemployment with an idea like that. I’m sure it wasn’t a woman which is why I said “he”.

    4. Wow, just when you thought you’d seen it all.. It’s such a shame that people will do anything to be like a celebrity they admire and companies are making a fortune off this!

    5. That is an odd idea. I wish there wasn’t so much emphasis on weight and appearance all the time! The focus should be on health.

    6. What the hell? Like you said – this is a prototype, so it had to get through a bunch of people to even get to this point. This is what happens when your company/people are too insulated from real life.

    7. I’m so tired of seeing so many people focused on weight and comparing to magazine covers. I’m not skinny, but I’m comfortable and healthy and a heck of a lot happier than I ever was when I was 105 lbs.


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