How to Stop Wasting Beauty Products

    How to Stop Wasting Beauty Products

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    I’m willing to bet that you’ve thrown away a lot of perfectly good makeup, cleanser, maybe even shampoo. Sure, you may think it’s empty… nothing’s coming out of the bottle anymore, right? You have no idea how much of your products you are actually wasting.

    Products that come in tubes are usually favored by many, because it dispenses easily and hygienically. In my experience, this is one type of packaging that easily allows you to waste product by thinking it’s empty, when there could still be so much left for you to use!


    The Every Drop Beauty Tube Squeezers let you get every last drop of your favorite tubed products. This plastic gizmo clamps over the end of any tube, and will flatten out the packaging as you slide it towards the spout. This pushes all of the product up towards the opening, making it easier to dispense when there’s a small amount left, and makes sure no drop is left behind! I’ve also found that this helps product keep its consistency, because you’re eliminating the air from the tube that could potentially dry it out.


    Skin care and hair products that come in pump bottles are also notorious for making you think there’s nothing left, while there is still product at the bottom, just under the straw and in the corners. I was ready to throw away this cleanser about a month ago, and it’s been sitting neglected in my shower because I couldn’t get any more product out. Luckily, I kept forgetting to throw it away. When I got a hold of the Every Drop Beauty Spatula, I went to work trying to salvage what was left— which was almost half a shot’s worth. (Yep, a shot glass was the only clear container I had around the apartment… shh!) This was enough product for seven extra uses— a whole extra week! There are even smaller spatulas for you lipgloss junkies.

    These inexpensive tools will help you maximize your dollar on every product you spend– no more wasting beauty products! So next time you think the bottle’s empty, think again.

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    1. I have both these cool items; the spatula gets every bit of product out of those nooks and crannies; I even got one in the NEW mini size for lip wands. The squeezers not only help me save product but also make tubes easier to use; I put the clips on when the tube is new and its like using a fresh tube everyday. Love these products!

    2. very cool. I use similar for our toothpaste and have used a spatula similar when I would pull micas out of their bags when I mixed my own pigments – I really like how useful they are 😉

    3. I have several of these! Product savers! It’s amazing how much is thrown away when you *think* it’s empty

    4. Ooooh this is such a good idea. Getting the last bit of moisturizer out of my Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre is supreeeemely difficult, but I think this could be the new solution for my problem 😀

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