Saving $ on Your Prom Dress

    prom dress

    I remember when I was a junior and found out I would be going to prom for the first time… I didn’t waste ANY time getting my stuff together!

    If you’re a senior in high school, you’ve got to already be thinking about this huge event. And if you’re looking to save money, you best be moving quickly!

    For my first prom, I ordered my dress online. Yeah, I know. That is freaking scary because you can’t try it on ahead of time etc, etc. But that is why I ordered it in February, got my dress by March (it only took so long because it was backordered– I knew what I was getting myself into) with two whole months to either send it back or take it to get altered. The best part? All I ended up having to do was bringing up the hem with my local tailor. I lucked out to say the least.

    Ordering your dress from boutiques online- and way ahead of time- is a great way to save money. Prom can get extremely expensive, and I was looking to be glamorous but also not break the bank (especially since it wasn’t MY senior prom).

    This dress fit so well, I felt like it was made for me. I was really happy with my choice. The boutique I ordered it from was called Sung Boutique L.A. I was so happy with them that I ended up getting another dress from them for my Winter Formal dance senior year. Their size charts are very accurate, and you can choose how you want the dress delivered to you (USPS, FedEx, Priority Mail). The best part is on orders over $100 you can get free shipping. They do have some expensive dresses but also some great inexpensive finds for under $100 (check their sale page)! Don’t feel like you need to spend half a grand on a dress to look good, you don’t.


    Other good ways to save on a dress is to go to other boutiques in your local area and avoiding big stores like David’s Bridal or Windsor. These stores take advantage of prom season and everyone shops here! Be original, you can’t imagine how many people I saw at prom wearing the same dress. Embarrassing!

    There are also some boutiques that will RENT a prom dress out to you. This is SO GENIUS because most of the time, you’re not going to reuse that dress. Ask about this option while shopping!

    Organizations like Becca’s Closet provide dresses for homecoming/prom to girls who would not be able to attend otherwise. There are chapters all over the country helping girls in need. Dresses are donated by girls everywhere (including myself– I donated the one above!). If you’re not going to use your dress again, why not send it to a girl who can’t afford one?

    Here’s me at my senior prom (right)… spent $75 on this dress which was floor length and flowy at June’s Dresses which used to be in the Northridge Mall. I think they have stores in other malls though. Even though it was in the mall, not many people from my school shopped there.

    I’m going to have a few prom tutorial makeup/hair videos up in a couple months, because a lot of money is also shelled out to makeup and hair. Of course I did my own for both proms. So look out for those!

    In the mean time, good luck with the events before prom! Cherish them!



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