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SNEAK PEEK: Revolution Pro Truth or Dare Shadow Palette Review

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September 6, 2019

Earlier this year, Revolution Beauty launched their new drugstore-luxe line, Revolution Pro, featuring more professional quality products and slightly higher price tags than their core line. I’ve personally been impressed and obsessed with the Revolution Pro products I’ve tried, and the Revolution Pro Truth or Dare palette was no exception. This palette doesn’t launch til fall, but I got it in advance to share with you all!

Inside are ten “intensely pigmented matte and pearlescent shadows,” and I could not get over how vibrant they looked in the pan.

This particular palette has a color story that features warm browns, glowy golds, and a pop of blue and cranberry. There are only two mattes in the palette, but they are perfect for the transition and crease, so I’m not too bothered by the imbalance.

Aside from the four shadows with a standard satin finish, the pearlescent shadows are definitely the highlight of this palette. They made me nervous at first glance, because I don’t feel like I’ve ever worked with this type of shadow before! You can find this formula in their previous Earth and Stone and Night and Day palettes, but I actually tried this one first out of the three back in Summer.

The texture is soft, so beware of kick-up in the palette, which will get messy. These pearlescent shadows apply almost like a densely packed pressed glitter. There are clear flakes of glitter (almost foil-like), but one swipe offers opaque coverage— even when used with a dry brush. I was afraid these were going to be the type of shadows that I had to apply with my fingers, but nope! I love that I can get such a strong and reflective look with a dry brush. Although, applying wet could potentially help with fallout, which is inevitable with these. You will end up with glitter on your face, so be sure to use a shadow shield.

All of the shades are buildable and blendable. I found that they worked well together, easily blending the finishes into eachother. I didn’t experience any creasing with the pearlescent shades, even over concealer for a cut crease!

One downfall I found with the palette was the lack of shade names. The shades actually do have names, but they’re printed on the outer box that the palette comes in, and are nowhere on the palette itself. I don’t know about you, but I typically throw away outer packaging unless it’s incredibly unique. From a blogger’s standpoint, it’s difficult to communicate the shades I’m using to you if I’ve forgotten their names once I’ve tossed the box!

To better help you understand the above looks, imagine numbers 1-5 being the first row of shadows from left to right, and 6-10 the second row.

Above, I used Russett (9) as my transition, with Booted (6) in the crease and outer corner. I cut my crease with the brand’s Conceal & Define Concealer. The gold on the majority of my lid is Mineral (3) and moving inward I used Glimmer (4) before highlighting my inner corner with Honesty (10).

For this look, I applied Toned (2) as my transition shade and Core (8) in the outer corner. I cut my crease with the brand’s Conceal & Define Concealer. The middle of my lid features the gorgeous Gaze (5) and moving inward, Mineral (3). The inner corner glow is a subtle champagne created with the shade Glide (7).

Overall, I’m super happy with this palette’s performance and am absolutely loving the looks I can create with it. The pearlescent shadows really pop and elevate my looks, and I can’t wait to try them in their other new Revolution Pro products.

The Revolution Pro Truth or Dare Palette is launching this fall at Ulta Beauty. Keep up with them on social media for updates!

Have you had your eye on any of the new Revolution Pro products?

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