REVIEW: Vitabath Fruit Fanatic Body Washes

    I lead a pretty busy life. I’m not complaining though; I love always having something to work on. But believe you me, I value my “down” time however it may come. Since school started back up again last week, the only real down time I’ve been able to catch is in the shower. With that being said, I’ve liked to take my time with steaming hot water (yeah, I know, bad for the skin but shh), luscious scrubs and of course: deliciously fragrant body washes.

    REVIEW: Vitabath Fruit Fanatic Body Washes

    Vitabath is known for their unique and rich fragrances as well as skincare that includes vitamins and antioxidants, while ditching the parabens and sulfates. Over the past month I emptied out my mini body washes in Wild Red Cherry and Green Apple & White Lily from the Fruit Fanatic collection.

    REVIEW: Vitabath Fruit Fanatic Body Washes

    These scents could not be more true to the fruit! I usually don’t like cherry scents because a lot of products get it all wrong, and make the fragrance too medicinal. However, the Wild Red Cherry body wash smells like dark red, freshly picked cherries in the summertime. It was my favorite of the two, and Adam used quite a bit, himself!

    REVIEW: Vitabath Fruit Fanatic Body Washes

    Green Apple & White Lily has a lighter scent that’s a beautiful blend of fruity & floral. This one doesn’t give off as much of a fragrance bomb in the shower as While Red Cherry does, but it is still a pleasant smell that relaxes me and soothes my senses. Neither of these leave a strong scent on the skin.

    Both of these body washes, along with another that I’ve tried from the brand, are moisturizing and have a gel-like consistency that’s easy to lather. I was worried that without sulfates, it would be a pain to spread across the body, but luckily a little goes a long way and it still offers some suds. 🙂

    The best part is the full sizes of these body washes are only $7.95, yay! You can find them on Vitabath’s website, but I’ve also seen them in Bed Bath and Beyond stores. Their scents range from fruity, to floral, to cupcakes!

    Currently, Vitabath is holding a Valentine’s Day sale and offering 15% off your entire order! Use code VALENTINE15 at checkout. To get your order in time for V-Day, orders have to be placed before 2/3!

    What’s your favorite type of shower scent?


    These products were received from PR for editorial consideration. All opinions are my own.


    1. I usually stay away from cherry scents for the same reason! I can’t even enjoy cherry candy because it tastes like cough syrup! I am a big fan of citrus scents, especially lemon, lime, and orange.

    2. I find that many cherry-scented products remind me of almonds, but I don’t mind, since that’s one of my favorite fragrances ever 🙂

    3. Both these scents appeal to me. I like so many different scents, and at different times of year! I like a vanilla-type or musk scent for winter; pumpkins and spice in fall, fruity in summer and floral in spring.


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