REVIEW + SWATCHES: NYC Smooch Proof 16H Lip Stains

    REVIEW + SWATCHES: NYC Smooch Proof 16H Lip Stains

    Lip Stains are the most ideal lip product for my busy lifestyle. Between work all day, then rushing to class all night, the last thing I want to worry about is touching up my lip color. Rite Aid was having a 40% off NYC sale last month, which struck me as the perfect opportunity to pick up their Smooch Proof 16H Lip Stains in Berry Long Time and Forever Fuchsia.

    For around $4.99, you get .10 fluid oz of product in plastic felt-tip pen style packaging. The felt tip has a thick base and comes to a precise point, which I like for lining. The formula is very liquidy yet I don’t find that it settles into the cracks of my lips, which is a huge plus. However, my lips tingle for a little bit after application. My friend who has this product said she also experienced the same feeling when applying hers. I’ve never experienced that kind of sensation from a product that was not marketed as lip-plumping, so it slightly turns me off (and scares me).

    REVIEW + SWATCHES: NYC Smooch Proof 16H Lip Stains

    Berry Long Time is a deep berry color that truly reminds me of the color your lips would turn after eating blackberries all afternoon. This shade is buildable and can be brought from a subtle flush of color to a deep, vampy shade with a few extra swipes.

    REVIEW + SWATCHES: NYC Smooch Proof 16H Lip Stains

    Forever Fuchsia is a bright pink that will really make heads turn. This bold color screams “spring” to me, and would look great with most skin tones.

    REVIEW + SWATCHES: NYC Smooch Proof 16H Lip Stains

    I found the pigment of these to be surprisingly better than some high-end lip stains I’ve tried (I’m looking at you, Stainiac). However, the formulas seemed to be inconsistent. I had a difficult time getting Berry Long Time to apply evenly on my  lips. It went on very patchy, while Forever Fuchsia was much more effortless. I also found Berry Long Time to cling to dry patches on my lips much more obviously. The best way I have found to fix both of these problems is to apply on top of a lip balm, and top off with another coat of lip balm. The first coat will moisturize, and the second coat will smooth out the color for a more even coverage.

    Now let’s just address the biggest elephant in the room: the claim of 16 hours of wear time. I would REALLY like to know where they got this number from. The only way I could see this lasting 16 hours is if you applied it, then didn’t talk, eat, or move your lips for 16 hours. This product lasted a whopping 4 hours for me before it started to look faded. Although, I will give it kudos for very minimal transferring while eating, or kissing… (Hey, I had to try out the Smooch Proof claim, ok?)

    Although I find them to look decent with my lip balm trick, the staying power is pretty disappointing for what is marketed to be a long-lasting lip stain. Although I’ll continue using these because I think the colors are pretty, I wouldn’t repurchase or run out to buy more shades.

    Do you have an affordable lip stain that you love?



      • Funny story, I actually had to go back and exchange Berry Long Time because the first one I had picked up was completely dried out upon opening for the first time. Now I’ve had these for about 4-5 weeks and they are both still performing well. Forever Fuchsia is definitely the more “wet” of the two. Not sure if it has to do with date created or the formula itself being inconsistent like I mentioned.

    1. I love lip stains because I am always smudging my lipstick and hate when my hair gets stuck to my lips when I’m walking haha 😉 This is a great review!

    2. I frequently wonder where companies get their claims from. So many brands nowadays are claiming ridiculous wear time and it makes me laugh. These colors are gorgeous, though!

    3. I’m always looking for a good lipstain. Staying power is why I love them though, so I think I’ll skip these (even though the shades look amazing!)


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