REVIEW: Studio Gear Hydrating CC Cream

    I’m getting into the home stretch of my school semester, which means a lot of late nights studying and early mornings for work… leaving me looking a little dull. On top of that, I’ve been cutting back on the number of products I’m using in the morning so I have time to eat breakfast and get to work on time. This has been tricky, because sometimes I just want to even out my skin tone with my normal foundation. But, without any other makeup applied, my skin ends up looking a bit flat.


    The Studio Gear Hydrating CC Cream is what I’ve turned to on those days where I want a natural look without a lot of work. The formula replicates a natural skin finish that’s smooth, but not overly-dewy. As the name suggests, this CC cream is really hydrating and feels refreshing on the skin; on days when I’m seriously tight on time, this is kills two birds with one stone and I can skip moisturizer altogether. Plus, it contains SPF 20 sunscreen.


    When you first squeeze the CC cream out of the tube, it comes out a milky white color with dark colored specks. Once you start rubbing, these specks— which are micro-encapsulated pigments— release the color. I’m using the shade Natural, the middle shade in the collection of 3. I was a nervous because the color looked a bit dark online, but it matched to my skin tone pretty well! You can tell how seamless it looks with the rest of my skin in the above photo.


    The formula is lightweight, which is great for no-makeup makeup days, but leaves a little to be desired in the coverage department. I’ve had some crazy stress breakouts recently, and even though the CC cream does well covering my old acne scars, my newer blemishes still peek out. My oily skin slowly breaks down the formula throughout the day, which uncovers more of my problem areas.

    You’ll like the Studio Gear Hydrating CC cream if you’re looking for:

    • a lightweight feel
    • even skin tone
    • moisture for normal/dry skin
    • light to medium coverage

    At $34, this CC cream is a bit on the pricey side, but I’ve got a discount for you! If you order through Studio Gear’s website, you can get 10% off by using the code bloggercc at checkout. This product is also available at ULTA.

    Sample provided by Brandbacker.


    1. So far I have no luck w/ CC creams…some of the brands I have tried just oxidized on me…. oompa loompa, ugh! This sounds like an interesting product to try ‘tho

    2. I prefer lighter coverage, but coverage that slides off your face is a little, um, too light? lol. Maybe when this stressful time is over, you’ll like it more. I wish there was some standardization in the coverage of CC creams. BB creams were all fairly much tinted moisturizers, but CC creams are all over the place.

    3. I really like this CC cream, but I normally prefer lighter foundations. I think the color looks great on you, bummer that the coverage didn’t work out.

    4. looking good hottie. 🙂 My skin is going bonkers right now because of the change in weather that my dermatologist suggested I try using a CC or BB cream more to help with moisture and protection. I don’t really use these products unless i’m testing it out – but I really enjoyed this CC cream for the most part so I think I’ll continue to use it when I feel I need to 😉

    5. This looks like a very nice CC cream/tinted moisturizer. The coverage is pretty decent and the finish is pretty. Unfortunately, it’s in my no fly zone. *pout*

    6. A little light for me, not sure it’d take care of my redness and bumps from rosacea but I do love these types of creams!


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