Stocking Stuffer Idea: Sephora Collection Lip Artist Palette

    Sephora has your last-minute stocking stuffers on lock this year. They have tons of cute gifts that will satisfy any beauty lover. When checking out their holiday spread, the Sephora Collection Lip Artist palette caught my eye. I thought I’d try it out, since Sephora’s in-house brand usually delivers good quality for a more affordable price point.

    Review: Sephora Collection Lip Artist Palette | Slashed Beauty

    The Lip Artist palette is limited edition this holiday season, and contains four lip glosses plus four liquid lipsticks in a sleek compact case. The palette has two tiers— you lift up the panel of lip gloss to reveal the pans of liquid lipstick. This allows the case to be narrow and pocket-friendly for on the go touch ups. There’s also a small mirror inside that’s handy for reapplication.

    Review: Sephora Collection Lip Artist Palette | Slashed Beauty

    The lip glosses and liquid lipsticks have an interesting formula. The glosses are more stiff in the pan than the lipsticks are, which are indeed very liquidy. They have the consistency of a freshly melted lipstick. It surprised me at first when I dipped my lip brush in with seemingly too much force, and it went straight through the product and hit the bottom of the pan! To be honest, all eight shades feel like lip glosses to me, with the bottom four being more pigmented.

    Review: Sephora Collection Lip Artist Palette | Slashed Beauty

    Application has to be done with a lip brush, there’s no doubt about that. I found that the best shade in the palette was the red, hands down. It applied evenly with full coverage and about four hours of wear time. The other colors were a bit more translucent.

    A little goes a long way with this product; with the right amount, they feel balmy and comfortable to wear. However, I did find some of the lighter pink shades to apply streaky and they never quite settled on my lips. That was a bummer, but five out of eight ain’t bad.

    The Sephora Collection Lip Artist palette was originally $16 but is on sale for just $10 now, which I think is a much fairer price for what you’re getting. This would be a fun addition to a beauty beginner’s makeup collection and convenient for holiday travels.



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