REVIEW: Reviva Labs Eye Makeup Remover Gel

    Today I have another review from the Reviva Labs brand. You all know how hesitant I am when it comes to new makeup removers. I have very sensitive skin around my eye area that is easily irritated and becomes itchy (and sometimes inflamed! Gross!) whenever I switch removers. Luckily, the Reviva Labs Eye Makeup Remover Gel surprised me.

    reviva labs

    This product has more of a serum feel than a gel, which is a good thing because I associate “gel” with being sticky. It glides over your skin and really melts your makeup away effortlessly. I apply it to a cotton round, then wipe away my eye makeup in a few swipes. Even my multiple coats of mascara are no match for this makeup remover.

    The Eye Makeup Remover Gel has sort of a milky scent to it, but nothing too strong. It’s all natural and vegan! The allantoin in the gel really soothes and moisturizes the eye area and leaves it feeling silky soft.

    eye makeup remover gel

    I was really glad that I had no reaction or irritation from this product, which is rare for me. Unfortunately on a few occasions I got the gel in my eye while trying to take off my makeup and it stung pretty badly, so I suppose their claim of a “tearless formula” doesn’t apply to everyone. It definitely took less time to get every bit of my eye makeup off with this gel as opposed to rubbing with my makeup wipes. For $5, you get 2 fl oz which is actually a little more expensive per ounce than, say, Neutrogena’s Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover which comes with 5.5 fl oz. However, if you have very sensitive skin like I do, or are looking for a cruelty free/all natural alternative to many drugstore removers, this is a winner.

    You can buy the Reviva Labs Eye Makeup Remover Gel for $5 on their website, but can get an even better deal on where it is around three bucks.

    Do you experience reactions to certain makeup removers like I do? Before this product, I couldn’t buy anything but my Neutrogena wipes without risking serious irritation. Let me know in the comments!


    This product was received from PR for review purposes. All opinions are my own.
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    1. oooh, I gotta try this! I have pretty sensitive eyes and so I always am so reluctant to trying new stuff like this. I’ve never tried a gel formula so that kind of intrigues me! Great review 🙂

      • Same, I get really nervous when trying out a new product. Neutrogena has it down though. I’m testing out their new “natural” line with the makeup remover/cleanser and it’s not bad at all. Again, stings if you get it IN your eye but I think at this point I’m just clumsy! LOL!

    2. Great price and I love Reviva but I’m wary… You experienced stinging and I have extremely sensitive eyes. My current eye makeup remover doesn’t sting, the only one on the planet that doesn’t. LOL I’m kind of afraid to try anything else.

    3. Sounds interesting. I’ve never tried a gel. I do like makeup removers like UD’s Makeup Melt Down, Paula’s Choice Gentle Makeup Remover (most gentle ever, seriously), and Embryolisse Lait Cream (moisturizer, but works to remove makeup too).


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