REVIEW: Redken Color Rebel Hair Makeup

    It’s no secret that crazy hair colors are very in this season. However, trends come and go, and I know I’m not the only one who’s a little hesitant to make a drastic change to their hair. Luckily, there are a ton of temporary hair color products hitting the market lately. I’ve been trying a few of them, including the new Redken Color Rebel Hair Makeup.

    REVIEW: Redken Color Rebel Hair Makeup

    The Color Rebels come in 5 bold shades that are supposed to wash out in just a couple showers. While it comes out with ease, it won’t come off on clothing or the skin once it’s dry.

    The application of this temporary color is very different than others I’ve tried. I’m familiar with color hair sprays, or even liquids that you rub on with your hands. This one, however, comes with a sponge applicator. By twisting the top, the hair color is pushed up through the tube and starts peeking out through the sponge— sort of like lip gloss! You can apply it straight to your hair from the sponge without getting dye all over your hands. This makes for a really easy application that is much less messy than others— something I seriously appreciate. I still think that there should have been gloves included in the box, though, because you’re bound to get a little color on your fingers when holding the strands of hair you want to color.

    REVIEW: Redken Color Rebel Hair Makeup

    The formula is wet but dries relatively quickly. I used a blow drier to help speed it up. I layered the color about three times, letting it dry completely between reapplying. You will end up with that standard stiff texture to the hair once this dries, but after I brushed it through with a comb, it felt only slightly texturized and more like the rest of my hair (Be sure to comb through between each application if you’re layering to avoid clumps). I really liked that once this was dry and set, color didn’t come off on my hands if I ran my fingers through my hair.

    REVIEW: Redken Color Rebel Hair Makeup

    I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as color pay off, since I chose to try out the bright Punked Up Pink shade. Well… it ended up looking straight up purple on me. I totally do not have a problem with that, since purple is my favorite color, but it’s important to note that it won’t show up as bright as you might want if you have darker hair. I still ended up liking the effect when I added a single streak in the front. Very punk chic, no?

    The Redken Color Rebel Hair Makeup retails for $24 in Redken Salons (also available at your local Ulta Salon).

    I think the price is a little steep but I will admit that it was the most painless process as far as coloring my hair goes. I really like the sponge applicator and how I didn’t have to worry about the formula dripping or getting all over my hands. I was a little disappointed that the shade didn’t stand out as much as pink should, so other brunettes might have a hard time getting good color payoff. Overall, it’s a fun and easy way to add color to your hair for a night or two!

    How would you wear the Color Rebel?




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