REVIEW: Photograph by John Russo Fragrance

    Before I jump into this review I want to talk a little bit about the price of fragrances. In my opinion, a full-sized fragrance (excluding body mists) costing anywhere between $40-70 is reasonably priced. Full size fragrances (and I mean 2 fl oz+) can last you FOREVER. I have a 3.4 oz of Viva La Juicy that I’ve been using for four years that cost $90. Also, cheap perfumes usually smell just that: cheap. With that being said, the fragrance reviews I’m going to feature on my blog might seem out of place, but keep in mind that fragrances can last years.

    Enough jabber! On to the review!

    REVIEW: Photograph by John Russo Fragrance

    I would say I’m pretty picky when it comes to perfumes I like, so I was surprised that Photograph by John Russo* grew on me so quickly. I ended up really loving the scent!

    John Russo is a celebrity photographer who has shot the likes of some of my favorite stars like Ryan Gosling & Katy Perry, and has had his work featured on the covers of Vogue, Elle, GQ, and Glamour. His work is mesmerizing, I seriously urge you to view his portfolios on his website. Russo developed the limited edition fragrance, Photograph, which is supposed to embody “old Hollywood style.”

    photograph by john russo

    The bottle is sleek and the box features the same photo Russo uses in the fragrance’s campaign which spotlights Brazillian model Marilia Moreno embodying old Hollywood glamour. It’s a large bottle, holding 3.4 fl oz of the fragrance. That’s the same amount as the Juicy perfume I mentioned earlier, so I know this can last me years.

    Photograph includes top notes of freesia, melon, peach, grapefruit and lemon. Middle notes are muguet (Lily of the Valley), rose, lavender and gardenia with musky, amber-y base notes. I can definitely smell the muguet and musky, amber-y base notes the most. This is really unlike any fragrance I’ve ever worn before, and I’m enjoying it more every day. It’s a sophisticated scent that’s feminine but woodsy. It makes me feel like I’m immersed in beautiful nature. Adam likes it too! Photograph is versatile and can be easily used for a daily fragrance, or saved for those glamorous, special occasions. The scent lingers for about 3 hours before fading.

    Photograph by John Russo comes in both a men’s and women’s fragrance (the men’s fragrance smells a little more citrus-y to me) and sells for $65 on

    Russo is currently working on a charity book called “100 Making a Difference.” The book spotlights noteworthy individuals who have dedicated themselves to making the world a better place through their philanthropy! Included in the book are Michelle Obama, Mark Wahlberg, Goldie Hawn, and many more. 100 Making a Difference is expected to be finished by the end of this year, and all proceeds from the sales will go to charity. You can see who’s included in the book so far at

    I have 4 mini samples of Photograph for Women and 3 of Photograph for Men to send to the first seven people to tweet this post! Must live in the continental US. Use the Twitter button below and I’ll send you a direct message to get your shipping info. Good luck!



    *Photograph by John Russo was sent to me from PR for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


    1. I agree, full sized fragrances can last you more than a whole year, so $40-70 is a very reasonable price. My Burberry Classic has lasted me two years, and I use it every day AND it’s the smaller size.

    2. This fragrance sounds lovely, it contains many notes that I enjoy in a scent. I resent paying so much for a fragrance that starts to fade so quickly, tho. If I am going to save up for then pay a lot of money for fragrance, it had better last all day. 🙂


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