REVIEW: Pamperosity Body Scrubs

    I love a good scrub that can leave your skin feeling clean and baby-butt smooth, but I’ve had trouble finding one that is equally moisturizing. That is, until a good friend of mine introduced me to Marieke Beeler, founder of Pamperosity. Self proclaimed mompreneur, Marieke started Pamperosity to offer luxury & relaxation at an affordable price. She creates all the recipes herself, makes all the products by hand, and leaves out any artificial coloring or unnecessary additives. Pamperosity products are organic and natural, and downright magnificent.

    REVIEW: Pamperosity Body Scrubs

    I’ve been using the Peppermint foot scrub, the Lavender scrub, and the Pumpkin Spice body scrub (which is finally available to everyone TODAY!) All of these scrubs thoroughly exfoliate, leaving your skin feeling so damn soft, but also extremely moisturized. After getting out of the shower, I didn’t even need to put lotion on! The scrub kept me moisturized for FOUR DAYS. For four days I didn’t need to apply any lotion to my legs or arms, something I usually do every night. Around this time of year I experience my legs and arms starting to look flaky from the weather, but these scrubs left my skin looking healthy and radiant. The foot scrub worked tremendously in softening the sole of my foot to help me buff out calluses. I found the Pumpkin Spice scrub to be a little more chunky, while the others were looser in the jar.

    REVIEW: Pamperosity Body Scrubs

    The scents are absolutely divine. The Peppermint scrub reminds me of Christmastime, and the Lavender scrub is a relaxing, light spa-esque scent. The Pumpkin Spice scrub is unique in that it isn’t the sweet, candy-like pumpkin smell we come across often this season, but more spice driven; it’s intoxicating. It’s great that none of the scents linger long on your skin after rinsing off the scrub in the shower. You can only really smell it if you hold your nose directly up to your skin, and even then it’s faint.

    REVIEW: Pamperosity Body Scrubs

    Marieke suggests using the scrubs towards the end of your shower. The best way to apply is to step out of the water stream, rub the scrub into your skin using your hands, rinsing off and patting your skin dry. For the foot scrub, use a pumice stone after massaging the scrub into your feet and before rinsing. These scrubs are not meant for the face, as they are coarse and meant for exfoliating tougher skin. However, Marieke has informed me that she plans on developing a lip scrub in the near future! I’m way too excited for that!

    Pamperosity scrubs sell for $12.50 and come in a jar of 8oz. This is less expensive per ounce than Lush shower scrubs, for those of you who were wondering. I’m in love with the quality of these products and the fact that they’re so affordable. It feels like I’ve just been to the spa every time I use them. Also, I love supporting a local, female business owner! Marieke is dedicated to the mission of Pamperosity; every scrub is packed with love!

    You can shop Pamperosity’s scrubs & bath bombs at The Pumpkin Spice body scrub is available today for a limited time only!

    Do you use body scrubs in the shower? How do you turn your shower time into a relaxing, spa-like ritual?


    I received the Pamperosity body scrubs for review purposes. All opinions are my own.



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