REVIEW: NYC Show Time Velvet Eyeliners

    I’m pretty picky when it comes to eyeliner. It’s my one makeup item that I couldn’t live without, that I’d bring to a deserted island, that I’d use for the rest of my life, etc. It’s gotta be pigmented, easy to apply, and have relatively good wear time.

    NYC Show Time Velvet Eyeliners

    NYC recently launched their new permanent Show Time Velvet Eyeliners in 3 shades: Black Velvet, Black Wine and Black Brown. According to the brand’s website, these are supposed to be long wearing, apply smoothly with a soft velvet effect, offer intense color, and contain Vitamins C & E.

    NYC Show Time Velvet Eyeliners

    Black Velvet is a deep, dark black.

    NYC Show Time Velvet Eyeliners

    Black Brown (whose name is a bit misleading) is more of a metallic, golden bronze.

    NYC Show Time Velvet Eyeliners

    Black Wine is a blackened eggplant shade.

    NYC Show Time Velvet Eyeliners Swatches

    These pencils are so soft and apply without any lid tugging. As you can tell from the swatches, they’re also really pigmented. I LOVE how dark Black Velvet is. It’s the perfect staple black eyeliner pencil, and lays down a lot of color in the waterline as well. These eyeliners deliver even coverage, and look great when smudged and smoked out. They blend really nicely, and without losing pigment which is so important.

    The Show Time Velvet Eyeliners work best over primer, as they are a bit prone to transferring on their own. In the waterline, the color starts to fade after the five hour mark. Otherwise, the color remains strong all day!

    For just $1.99, these pencils pack a punch. I love how pigmented they are and the colors that are currently available are really neat. I hope they expand this collection to include more shades… perhaps a navy blue? Black Wine is definitely my favorite to play up my brown eyes. NYC makes my holy grail liquid eyeliner, and these might just be my new go-to pencils!

    How do you prefer to wear eyeliner pencils? Smudged out? Tightlined? Let me know in the comments!



    1. Black wine is right up my alley. Boy, howdy, have eyeliners come a loooong way since I was young. You’d never find a cheap liner that applied so smoothly and pigmented. I have nightmares of the tugging and crumbly application.

      • Yes, actually they performed really well on my waterline– better than a lot of my other pencils. I have sensitive eyes that water a bit more than normal, I would say, so the fact that these applied in one swipe and then didn’t budge for so long was a huge win.

    2. I am exceedingly fussy about eyeliner! It has to be exquisitely beautiful, easy to apply, set quickly and never, ever transfer. I have hooded lids, so that is a huge concern, for me. A great liner is one makeup item I never quibble about paying a little more for. 🙂


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