REVIEW: NYC Metro Quartet Eye Shadow Quad

    A couple readers of mine requested that I review an NYC eyeshadow quad a few months ago, informing me that they have a bad rap for the quality of their eyeshadows. NYC sent me a few items including their Big Bold Curl mascara and CityProof lipgloss that I reviewed back in August. Among those was the NYC Metro Quartet Eye Shadow quad in 815A The Best of Broadway*. To be fair, this is the only NYC eyeshadow that I’ve ever tried but to be honest, I’m rather impressed! In fact, I’ve been using the darkest color for my eyebrows for the past month (and have never gotten so many compliments on them before!).

    REVIEW: NYC Metro Quartet Eye Shadow Quad

    The pigment on these shadows aren’t that bad, but not the best I’ve ever seen. The lighter colors definitely need to be built up for opaqueness, and the texture is a bit powdery. The peach and cream colors have a satin finish, while the darkest brown is matte and the medium brown has shimmer which only lays on the top of the shadow, so once you get past that layer, you have a nice matte medium brown.

    REVIEW: NYC Metro Quartet Eye Shadow Quad

    What I was most impressed with was the wear time on these shadows. One morning I decided to use the palette for more than just my brows and did a whole neutral look using each shade. I was expecting the shadows to crease or fade throughout the day, but to my surprise they stayed put very well with my e.l.f. eyelid primer underneath. Here’s a basic look you could get using all shades in this palette:

    nyc eyeshadow

    This is a handy little quartet, especially convenient to travel with if you want something you can do a quick neutral look with, using the darkest brown for your brows or liner! They sell for $3.99 which I think is a bit high considering wet n wild trios are $1.99 and have more product and a better texture to them.

    What has your experience been with NYC eyeshadow? Honestly the entire NYC brand is hit and miss for me but overall I’ve been pretty satisfied with their products.



    *The NYC Eyeshadow quartet was sent from PR for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


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