REVIEW: L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Restoring Shampoo & Conditioner

    Early this year, L’Oreal brought the Total Repair 5 hair care collection to us ladies with damaged ‘dos. Rite Aid was having a 2/$7 deal on these so I picked up the Restoring shampoo and conditioner and have been using them consistently for the past couple months.


    I started coloring my hair when I was in fifth grade, and started heat styling almost every day in middle school. Needless to say I have years of damage under my belt (or headband, rather). Was I expecting the Total Repair 5 shampoo and conditioner to repair all of that damage? No. Was I wrong? Ehh…

    The claims for the Total Repair 5 line are:

    1. Rebuilt Fibers
    2. Strength
    3. Vitality
    4. Silkiness
    5. Shine

    After just one use, I immediately noticed how silky soft my hair was. It had that just-got-back-from-the-salon feel and the shine was pretty impressive. My ends still looked dry; a quick fix with some argan oil. It was much easier to style, as well. Overall, my hair looked a lot healthier.

    However, I didn’t notice any true repairing happening. The shine dulled down after a few days unless I used my Suave styling oil. I still have split ends, and they’re getting worse because of the cold and dry weather. I stopped using my usual conditioning treatment to gauge the effectiveness of these products, and my hair breakage increased back to what it was before I started weekly deep conditionings. The breakage is so out of control and I’ve got so many fly-aways to show for it. I was really hoping this product could tame that but unfortunately I was let down. L’Oreal has a repair hair mask and oil from this line for intense repairing, but I honestly don’t think it would have made much of a difference, nor do I think that I should have to buy extra products to get all of the benefits claimed on the bottles.

    I would probably repurchase these if they were on sale again, because I think it was still a great value and I still like how my hair is feeling softer (they also smell nice). If I used the shampoo and conditioner alongside my weekly deep conditioning, I think I could achieve some impressive results.

    Have you tried any of the Total Repair 5 products? What do you use to breath life back into damaged hair?



    1. Well I just got the shampoo and I have to say I love it way more. I have used OGX products and this worked WAAAAY better and keeping my hair thick and healthy. I tried the Ogx keratin shampoo and conditioner I liked that one kind of but I have to say This is my new fave for now. If anyone knows of any other good shampoos and condtioners. For when you have gone blonde tones as well please let me know thanks☺☺ Be Very Well.

    2. I’ve been coloring my hair since time immemorial. Without a leave-in conditioner or argan or moroccan oil, my hair is one hot mess!!!

    3. I’ve been coloring my hair since middle school too! I tried to stop a few years ago, but discovered that, like the rest of my family, I went gray at a very early age. Now I know why my mom let me start coloring it so young!

      • My mom always supported me in my extreme hair adventures. She always warned me I might regret it later looking back, but never stood in my way. She believed that it was a healthy way to express myself (except now my hair is far from healthy, lol)


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