REVIEW: Battle of the Brands- Revlon VS. e.l.f. Liquid Eyeliner


    Although I have almost completely switched over to using gel eyeliner for every day use, I still appreciate a good liquid liner for quick looks. I had picked up the e.l.f. liquid liner a few months ago from Target for a buck, and that’s definitely the value of this product. I thought I would be pleasantly surprised as I usually am with the quality of e.l.f., but this one really let me down.

    As you saw in my Walmart Haul video, I finally picked up the Revlon ColorStay liquid eyeliner, hoping it would be a lot better than e.l.f.’s. I was very satisfied.


    liquid eyeliner The top line is one stroke of Revlon’s, the bottom is one stroke of e.l.f.’s

    I think you can already see an obvious winner. The Revlon goes on almost completely opaque, with a nice thick line while the e.l.f. liner is patchy with the same amount of pressure during application. Not to mention, while trying to fill in any patchy spots with the e.l.f. liner, it becomes streaky, similar to writing on a white board with an old dry erase pen.


    IMG_0315Top: Revlon; Bottom: e.l.f

    The only thing I don’t really like about the Revlon liner is the brush. It’s a felt tip, but it’s rock hard and not flexible at all. The e.l.f. brush is (just guessing) synthetic hair brush with a lot of flexibility. I usually don’t go for felt tips because they tend to fray a lot depending on use, and they often absorb more product than I want to use. I feel like I have a lot more control with the e.l.f. liner, as a matter of fact. Just not enough product transfer.

    Neither of these liners are waterproof, which makes for an easy smudge. The Revlon liner definitely holds out longer, though. Neither are more than 12 hour wear, though.

    Overall, compared to the e.l.f. liner, the Revlon wins by a landslide. Not my favorite liquid liner I’ve ever tried, but it takes the cake in this duel.


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