REVIEW: e.l.f. 80-piece Day to Night Eyeshadow Palette

    Around Mother’s Day, e.l.f held a 50% off sale for their gift and spring items. Among the few things I bought was the 80-piece Day to Night Eyeshadow Palette. After purging a lot of old eyeshadow I had been hoarding, I noticed a lack of color in my collection. I wanted a palette that could deliver a lot of different eye looks— both neutral and colorful. This palette seemed like it would deliver just that. Plus, it was on sale for only $5… no brainer!


    The palette comes in a sleek and thin black case with a secure snap closure. I LOVE the packaging for traveling! I’ve already brought it along on a road trip and it held up very well. Plus, it has a huge mirror that takes up one whole panel on the inside, which allows me to see my entire face when applying makeup.


    The eyeshadows are separated into two tiers that are both completely removable. You can choose whichever tier you like most to put on top, or bring one with you to a larger mirror.


    Out of the 80 shadows, about a third of the palette is made up of neutral shades. However, there are a good range of bolder colors, from greens, to oranges, to blues and purples. None of the shades really pop with color, but you can get some fun looks out of them.


    The palette was a bit hit-or-miss in terms of pigmentation and texture. Some shades were very soft with a decent color payoff and satin finish, others were very stiff and powdery. Across the board, all of the shadows worked much better on top of a base. Above, you can see five swatches; the swatch of each color on the left is over bare skin, on the right is over the Bellapierre Makeup Base. The green and purple shades do the best overall, while the silver completely fails (you can still see more of the base underneath the shadow!). There was a considerable amount of fading throughout the day with lighter shades, so you will need to be mindful of applying over a strong primer/base.

    Since I only got it for five bucks, I’m not that disappointed because I can still create some decent eye looks with the better shades from this palette. To be honest, even regularly priced at TEN dollars is worth it just for the case. Like I said, you can completely remove the eyeshadow tiers and use the case & huge mirror to store pencils, or even DIY a magnetic palette… just a couple ideas 🙂

    Can you recommend an inexpensive all-in-one palette that can help create both neutral and bold looks?



    1. The only cheaper good palettes I’ve seen were at Walgreens at Christmastime. They were $1 and fantastic. I think they were by Twinkle Twinkle. ELF shadows tend to be hit or miss with me, too, but a base helps a lot!

    2. Do you have the Coastal Scents 88 palette? That’s really cheap and has a more interesting selection of shades than this one (in my opinion, anyway). That said I do have one of the ELF palettes and it does come in handy for those times when you need a color (yellow, anyone?) that isn’t that common!

      • I had the 120 palette from BH (which is basically the same manufacturer as all the 88s from CS) which was GREAT for bright colors but they were quite powdery. I threw it out because it was about 4 years old and a lot of the shadows were ready to crumble.

    3. If you are on a tight budget this is an option but I def prefer more color payoff. I think Wet and Wild and NYC offer a little bit more color payoff in the drugstore budget category


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