Review & Demo: Rockstar Nails Polish & Nail Sprinkles

    When it comes to nail trends, my seat is on the caboose of that train. I’m always really late to jump on the bandwagon (what’s with all the transportation metaphors, Miranda?) when new nail art techniques, textures and formulas are released. So needless to say, I was stoked to receive the Rockstar Nails Nail Polish & Nail Sprinkles duo in this month’s Beauty Box 5, because I could finally join the cool kids and switch up my normal, bland manicure.

    Rockstar Nails Polish & Sprinkles Duo

    At first glance, the sprinkles made me nervous because I’m pretty clumsy. How did I do? Watch the video to hear my first impressions and see how my first ever caviar mani turned out!

    Not too shabby, eh?

    As I mentioned in the video, the first thing I noticed about the polish was the smell. It smells like straight up paint from a hardware store. However, the formula makes up for the odor tenfold, because the polish glides on easily without streaks. You get full opacity with one coat, and high shine. I would actually advise against a second coat, because 1) you really don’t need it, I swear and 2) the polish gets to be too thick with even the thinnest second coat. You only need to add more polish to the finger(s) you want to add sprinkles to. Make sure you evenly coat the nail so there are no bare patches after you apply the beads. After sprinkling, I applied a thin layer of top coat on top of the beads to really set them (or so I thought).

    Caviar Manicure

    I used a cup to catch the falling beads that didn’t stick to my nails. Let me tell you, getting those beads back into the bottle was a PAIN. Why they put them in a regular polish-shaped bottle, I’ll never know. The mouth is so small, and I had to create a teeny tiny funnel to load them back in. I’m pretty sure more beads ended up on the floor than back in the bottle, though. I also found it weird that some of the sprinkles seemed larger than others. You can kind of see the size variation in the picture above. I would have liked them to all be the same size for a more even finish. This might have affected the wear time as well.

    Rockstar Nails Polish & Sprinkles Duo

    Although the finished product looks cute and unique, I’m not really sure how practical this mani is. After about 5 hours, the beads already started popping off, starting at the tips and working their way backwards (pictured above). By the end of the next day, half of the remaining sprinkles had disappeared. This made me ponder about whether caviar manicures would be included in the Microbead-Free Waters Act… no doubt some of the beads went down the drain when I washed my hands.

    In the end, this is a fun manicure to do yourself and stare at for a couple hours, but don’t expect it to be long-lasting. If you’re nail savvy, do you have any tips on how to make nail sprinkles stay put?

    If you want to get beauty goodies like this delivered to your door each month, check out Beauty Box 5!



    1. I’m not a fan of these beaded nails simply because (1) I have a dog, I don’t want her accidentally eat those beads (2) I will just pick ’em (3) I wash my hands sooooo many times a day so I’m sure they won’t last long

    2. I have found these types of manicures are just not practical for everyday, but fun for a night out. Most times, putting top coat over the beads changes the color of the beads! The polish color is very pretty here, LOVE!

    3. I also got this set in my BB5. LIke you, I loved the color, hated the smell!! The bow on the handle also kept getting in my way. I ended up with a lot of beads everywhere trying to put the extras back in the bottle. What a mess.

    4. I tried out their Caviar Manicure a while back and had the same issue with the beads immediately falling off. Wish there was a way to make it stay put because it is pretty neat looking!


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