REVIEW: Crown Brush HD Cosmetic Brush Set

    I’m about to leave my cozy little apartment and head over the river and through the woods to my mom’s house up in Northern California! Straight after that, it’s VEGAS for Christmas! I’ll be honest, I’m a shameless over-packer, especially when it comes to beauty products. This time, however, I’m going to try to be a bit more conservative with what I travel with since I know (or hope…) that I’ll need to stuff my suitcase with gifts for the trek back home. I’m always at a loss when it comes to what brushes to pack, because I never know what kind of eye looks I’ll want to create! I know for a fact, though, that I’ll be packing my Crown Brush HD Cosmetic Brush Set.

    REVIEW: Crown Brush HD Cosmetic Brush Set

    This 6 piece set comes in a slim case that is slightly padded for protection. Inside the case are slots for each individual brush and a generously sized mirror. I don’t really have a good compact mirror to travel with so this is perfect for me, especially for hotels where all the mirrors are weirdly too far away from the edge of the counter… does anyone else notice that besides me?

    crown brush hd cosmetic brush set

    The brushes are made with synthetic hair, and are vegan friendly. Each brush is dense and oh-so-soft. I must say, I judged this book by its cover. The bright orange case and the dip-dyed bristles screamed tacky and cheap to me, even though I’m a big fan of Crown Brush brushes. However, the quality of these brushes are up there with the finest. This set is also available in white/blue and lavender colors, which I think look slightly more elegant.


    The Pro Powder brush has extra long bristles and is super plush, perfect for applying setting powder! It’s easy to pick up a lot of product with this brush while distributing it evenly all over your face.


    The Tapered Blush brush is one of my favorite blush brushes I’ve tried. I’m really digging the pinched barrel, which brings the bristles together and allows me to also use this for contouring.


    The Deluxe Contour brush is the star of the set in my opinion. I’ve never contoured with a brush this size, and it has totally changed the way I bronze. This brush is perfect for getting super defined, chiseled cheekbones as well as applying bronzer in tighter areas like the nose and forehead.


    The Chisel Shadow brush is your essential flat shader. I found that it’s dense enough to work really well with loose pigments, as well as pick up a lot of product from pressed shadows.


    The Crease Blender brush is fluffy and flexible, blending out harsh lines effortlessly. It’s very similar to my favorite blending brush from SoHo.


    The Detail Liner brush was my least favorite brush in the set. I found it to be a little too large to get precise, thin lines.


    This set also comes with a pair of full size tweezers, which are must-haves while traveling. The only thing I felt that was truly missing was a foundation brush.

    The Crown Brush HD Cosmetic Brush Set sells for $27.95 on their website, but also pops up on Hautelook from time to time. For the quality of these brushes, the price is a really great deal. I’ve been a fan of the brand for a while now and these exceeded even my high expectations.


    This product was received for review purposes through the iFabbo SHOP program. All opinions are my own.


    1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who hates how far away hotel mirrors are! Don’t they know that we need to get up close & personal while doing makeup?!

    2. I got the orange set as well, and it came out so eye-crushingly neon in the pictures that I had to use software to mute it 🙂 Some of my brushes became a little disheveled after a few washes, but most are holding up well. I’d say it’s worth $27.95, but definitely not $69.99 (before sale price).

      • I definitely agree with you on the price point. Lol yes I had such a hard time photographing these!! I’ve washed them a couple times and mine have held up really nicely, they rinse really easily and I don’t have to be rough to get all the makeup off!

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