REVIEW: My Cotton Bunny Subscription Box

    This might be a little awkward talking about, (hey, it’s only awkward if we make it awkward, right?) but who else has a hard time feeling beautiful when it’s their time of the month? Ugh, I know when that time comes, all I want to do is curl up into a ball and not move for a few days… or just die.

    my cotton bunny box

    Just when you were wondering if there really is a subscription box for everything, the answer is yes: including a subscription for that time of the month. I’m talking about My Cotton Bunny, a box that comes once a month bringing you name-brand feminine products along with treats and gifts to get you through those rough few days.

    When you sign up for My Cotton Bunny, you get to choose whether you’d like to receive tampons or pads, as well as specify what brand and size you prefer. You also get to choose what day of the month you’d like to receive the box, depending on your cycle. I received the January box with 2 days to spare, according to my period tracker app. Since this was a sample sent for review, I actually didn’t fill out any of the personal preferences so I thought it was a coincidence that it came just in time.


    For the monthly feminine products, my box contained an 18-count container of U by Kotex Tampons. These usually retail for about $4 at Target. I really like that the tampons come in the original brand packaging— unopened and untampered with by My Cotton Bunny. It gives me a sense of security that they are sterile and safe to use.

    Now on to the fun stuff! This month’s gift was an oh-so-soft infinity scarf! This will be perfect to bundle into now that we’re hitting the windy season in Los Angeles. I will also most likely be using this to cover up my face, as I always break out when I’m close to starting my period.


    We got three treats in the box, the first being a Burnt Caramel Truffle by Socola. Yum! I love salted caramel ANYTHING so I know I’m gonna like this. I wish there was more than one, though! Of course, they threw in my go to de-stresser during ANY time of the month: tea! I received two packets of tea from Harney and Sons: Peppermint and Cinnamon, perfect winter flavors. Lastly, I got two Honeystix, which I used to be obsessed with as a kid. I loved downing these on their own… is that a bad thing? I actually might drizzle these over my morning oatmeal, or mix some in with my tea. I wish there were at least four days worth of treats in the box; I could probably finish all these up in just two days… oh who are we kidding? ONE DAY!

    Past My Cotton Bunny boxes have included touch screen gloves, jewelry, hair accessories, nail wraps, more chocolate, and cookies. I honestly think that this subscription is genius; it gives a (second) bright side to those awful few days every month, and saves you a trip to the drugstore. It seems to me that the gifts have mainly been accessories to help you look your best when you’re not feeling too hot. I especially like how the name “My Cotton Bunny” doesn’t really give away what’s inside your package to nosy neighbors.


    The My Cotton Bunny subscription costs $16 a month, and as always you can slash a few dollars off of your monthly cost by ordering more months at a time. I believe the price really goes towards the gift portion of the box, as the feminine products can’t possibly cost any more than $5, and the treats (at least in this month’s box) are all individual samples. I feel that had I paid for this box, I would have just gotten my money’s worth. I still wish there was a more practical amount of treats, considering the average length of a period.

    You can order a subscription at

    What do you think of this type of subscription box?



    1. You look so adorable in this picture. I want to look like you. Luckily I don’t need the cotton bunny but the scarf is great.

    2. The scarf positively rocks. And….and…you’ve just sold me on another subscription box. 🙂 For the money, you can’t beat it. Terrific stock of goodies you’ve got there!

    3. I reviewed this when it first came out! I love the scarf, but the tampons were worthless to me. I was pregnant and then had an IUD for a year, so no periods for me! lol. This would be a cute gift for a young girl I think…something to look forward to during Aunt Flo’s visit.

    4. This is such an awesome idea! Making that time of the month a little more bearable with cute items like these! Definitely worth it!

    5. Nice scarf; definitely perfect for LA “winter”.

      I like the idea of a monthly period box, but I would need more chocolate and some painkillers to really make it useful!

    6. I reviewed MCB box a few months ago and actually liked it a lot. It’s simple, and definitely a treat to feel better during that time of the month.


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