REVIEW: BFTE Cosmetics Mineral Eye Shadows

    bfte cosmetics mineral eye shadow

    Earlier this month, I found out that I won the Painted Ladies 20,000 Facebook Follower Giveaway! Sheila is one of my favorite beauty bloggers, and the prizes included some of her favorite makeup items. Among my winnings was a $50 credit to BFTE Cosmetics, an indie brand I had never heard of. Going through their online shop, I noticed they had some beautiful mineral eye shadows at only $6.50 a pop! I decided to spend the bulk of my credit on 6 of these shadows, and the brand threw in an extra two. Score! I picked out a lot of bold shimmery colors, which I felt like my collection had been lacking in.


    Big Ego is a shimmery blackened indigo
    Bing is a sparkly moss green
    Bondage is a gray that leans purple
    Dragon Slayer is a true gold shade that was recommended to me by Sheila, herself
    Gaze is a yellow shade with pink sparkles, making it appear to be rose gold
    Jealousy is a silvery green
    Livid is a sparkly eggplant shade
    Wicked is a silver with hints of blue, pink and green.


    I also picked up the Mix & Fix solution for $7.99, which is supposed to bring out the intensity of the shadows as well as make them last longer.

    ย bftemixswatches

    When I applied the Mix & Fix to my brush, the shadows completely transformed! The shimmer was much more predominant. As you can see, the pink sparkles really shine through in Gaze when applied with the solution. Livid also turns into a deep violet shade thatโ€™s just drop dead gorgeous. I found that Jealousy & Wicked applied a little streaky and more difficult than the rest when using Mix & Fix.

    Even without Mix & Fix, I found all of the shadows to provide great color payoff and last all day when applied over primer.

    BFTE Cosmetics has over 400 different shades of their Mineral Eye Shadows and I pretty much want them all! I havenโ€™t found a lot of affordable mineral eyeshadows that were also high-performing. The quality of these make them a real steal at only $6.50 each. Browse the rest of the gorgeous shades at



    1. I haven’t used BFTE cosmetics in such a long time… I remember when they just started in the industry. ๐Ÿ™‚ Their mixing medium really does make a whole lot of difference. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Great write up.

    2. four…hundred…shades?? *eyes glaze over* the ones you have are beautiful – will have to check them out but i’m terrified of the thought of looking through four hundred shades to pick some out! wow!!

      • Believe me I was going crazy going through all of them when I was trying to pick out which ones I wanted. I tried to only focus on color categories that I felt were lacking in my collection. Lord knows I don’t need more neutrals ๐Ÿ˜› well… maybe…


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