REVIEW: BA Star Natural Eye Shadow Palette

    With the Winter Olympics coming to a close last weekend, I wanted to reintroduce you to a brand that creates makeup fit for athletes, dancers, cheerleaders, and regular ladies on the go who want to do it all while looking glam.

    BA Star Natural Eye Shadow Palette

    BA Star is adding new eyeshadow palettes to their collection, like the one I’ve been playing around with in “Natural.” The palette contains 5 shadows that are extremely soft with a mousse texture. The shades include a creamy white with shimmer, a burnt orange, a deep taupe, a grape purple, and a golden yellow. All but the creamy white apply smoothly and with a satin/metallic sheen finish.

    REVIEW: BA Star Natural Eye Shadow Palette
    Swatched over bare skin
    REVIEW: BA Star Natural Eye Shadow Palette
    Swatched over BA Star base

    I tested these shadows with and without the BA Star Eyeshadow & Glitter Base. Although on their own, the shadows applied with almost full opacity, the primer filled in fine lines in the skin for a smooth canvas. It also made a big difference in the longevity. Without primer, the shadows faded after about 4 hours, while the primer added another 2 hours onto the wear time. The Eyeshadow & Glitter Base is rather liquidy— similar to Hard Candy’s eyeshadow primer— with a tackiness to it that really makes the shadow stick.

    I would classify these shadows into the category of costume makeup, although I can see myself working the burnt orange, taupe and purple into my every-day looks. If you’re a professional makeup artist, these would be fun to play around with for specialty looks because of the color variety and pigmentation.

    The BA Star Eyeshadow Palettes cost $8.95, and the price falls to $5 if you order 6 palettes or more. The Natural Eye Shadow Palette will be available soon, but for now you can browse their other products on I’m a big fan of their lip pencils, check out my review here!

    What was your favorite part of this year’s Olympics?

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    1. I haven’t really worked with show makeup before – though I have tried a few crazy Halloween looks! I suppose they’re meant to be applied with a heavy hand? Too bad they don’t last very long – I would think 4 normal wear hours wouldn’t be enough for a sweaty performance and stage lights!


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