Real Techniques Now Sold at Rite Aid

    I’ve actually made it a point to avoid the beauty section of Rite Aid lately because the last thing I need is more makeup right now (said no lady, ever). Today I ran over for some toiletries and found myself doing a quick once over of the new releases aisle when I stumbled upon:

    Real Techniques BrushesREAL TECHNIQUES BRUSHES!!!

    THIS IS SO EXCITING! From my quick research, Rite Aid is now among the very few drugstores that carry the Real Techniques brushes, which is huge. This will make the brushes accessible to a whole new market. Considering my nearest ULTA is about 30 minutes away, and Kohl’s doesn’t do a great job at keeping them in stock, I’m jumping for joy that I’ll be able to pop in to the drugstore to pick these up.

    Real Techniques Brushes

    So far, the display carries seven single brushes: the powder brush, foundation brush, expert face brush, shading brush, the lash-brow groomer, blush brush and stippling brush; along with their three most popular sets: the core collection, starter set, and travel essentials.

    What makes this even more exciting is that Rite Aid holds amazing beauty sales, from 40% off to BOGO 50% off… I really hope those will extend to these brushes.

    Have you spotted these in your local Rite Aid, yet?



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