Quick Spring Eyes Makeup Tutorial

    Quick Spring Eyes Makeup Tutorial

    Tutorial and Photos by Kendra Stanton from Citizens of Beauty

    So I know the whole “nude” trend is all the rage this season, but that doesn’t stop me from being partial to playing up the eyes with bright colors for Spring. You don’t need to go all out in order to achieve an eye-catching makeup look, though! Here we have simple Spring eyes that utilize a pop of color to catch attention. The best part is, Kendra created this look using only 4 drugstore products. Here’s how:



    1. Base entire eyelid with the primer.
    2. Press (don’t fling) eyeshadow color/letter B to entire lower eyelid starting at your lash line, moving upwards into your crease.
    3. Sweep eyeshadow color/letter A under your brow bone and into your tear duct.
    4. Place a thick line of eyeshadow color/letter C close to your lash line, making it follow the natural curve of your eye.
    5. Use a liner brush to wing out the eyeshadow color/letter C, extending past your natural lash line.
    6. Use the deep blue eyeliner as close your lashes as possible. Really press it into your lash line and then wing it out, going right underneath where you extended eyeshadow color/letter C.
    7. Set the eyeshadow and bring depth to this look by sweeping over your liner with eyeshadow color/letter D.
    8. Coat the lashes with mascara.

    Blue is one of my favorite colors to play up brown eyes. The contrast really makes both colors pop, but Kendra’s blue eyes look swimmingly gorgeous with the different shades! Visit CitizensofBeauty.com for more of her looks.

    Are you all for the pop of color, or are you sticking to neutral hues this Spring?



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