The Pros and Cons of Getting a Short Haircut

As many of you saw in my last favorites post, I cut my hair last month for the first time in forever! Over the past 4 years, I’ve gotten trims here and there, but have ultimately been trying to grow my hair out. It had finally reached the much-coveted “past the boobs” length, but it was pretty damaged and tangly. My ends were split beyond repair and would feel scratchy against my back.

After getting a free salon certificate at my local Ulta’s grand opening, I made the decision to chop it off just past my shoulders (which may not be short for some, but it was drastic for me!). I had gotten used to my long, thick mane and adjusting to the new cut took a while. While I’m finally getting used to it, I’ve noticed some pros and cons of getting a short haircut.

The Pros and Cons of Getting a Short Haircut

Pros of a Short Haircut:

Less Product Needed
I’m saving so much product in and out of the shower, although it definitely took a while to determine the right amounts for my hair (note to self: I don’t need a quarter bottle of conditioner per shower anymore!). I’m going through oil, shampoo, conditioner and masks a lot more slowly and, in turn, save money since I’m not replacing them as often.

Less Time Styling
One of the nicest parts about having short hair is how easy it has been to style it. After the shower, it dries in a flash, and working out the very small amount of tangles that form is quick and easy. Although I’ve been wearing it wavy most of the time, straightening it takes a third of the time it used to.

Healthier Hair
It’s only been a month, but I find that keeping short hair healthier takes a lot less effort than it does with long hair. The truth of the matter is: you can’t really repair split ends. There are products that will diminish their appearance or seal them until your next wash, but getting a cut is the best way to “cut” them off and prevent future breakage. After you get the haircut, maintaining moisture will help keep split ends away.

Less Headaches
Anybody who has ever had long hair can attest to the terrible ponytail and bun headaches you have to endure when you pull your heavy hair into one spot on your head. Cue the after-work head massage you give yourself after letting it down! With the short chop, you don’t have to worry about putting stress on your scalp when you want to wear it up.

Cons of a Short Haircut:

Limited Styles
While it takes a shorter time to style, there aren’t very many hairstyles you can accomplish, depending on how short your hair ends up being. This is when you might start looking to hair accessories like decorative clips and headbands to spice up your look.

Your Hair Type & Texture Can Change
This is one that threw me for a loop. With my long hair, I had more defined curls as well as pretty dry hair. To my surprise, the cut turned most of my curls into looser waves, and my hair was actually feeling more oily! It makes sense though, since the amount of oil my scalp produced was suitable for my long hair, but a little much for the shorter length. However, this led to my last con…

Your Go-To Products and Routines May Change
Since my hair was feeling oilier than ever before, I had to seriously switch up my products. I had been using heavy moisturizers that were not suitable for my new ‘do. I’ve cut back on what used to be a weekly deep conditioning to now only once every couple weeks, and probably won’t be repurchasing the rich hair mask I came to love and trust. I’ll be looking for something a little lighter next time around!

Overall, I’m really happy with my cut and it has been a nice break from the high-maintenance locks I had been wearing for so long.

Do you prefer long hair or short?



  1. I cut my very long (mid back) hair really short (about 3″ long at the longest point) about 5 years ago and have never regretted it. I donated the cut hair and would like to donate it again but I’ve loved my short hair so much, I can’t even consider growing it long again. I used to have a good hair day about once in every 10 days or so. Now every day is a good hair day. I use more product than I used when my hair was long (I used almost none then) but it styles so easily and I don’t look like one of a million other girls with long hair. I don’t have to worry about split ends or treatments because my hair is never long enough to get damaged. I don’t even have to use conditioners! Not sure I’ll ever want to grow it long again!

      • I cut it myself, usually about every couple of months or when it seems like it’s getting unruly and difficult to make it do what I want.
        I use setting stuff to blow it dry and sometimes some pomade stuff to ruffle it up, and I spray it every morning with hair spray to keep it standing up, but that’s basically it.

  2. So weird about your hair getting less curly! When I cut mine, it gets curlier! It always takes my hair a couple of weeks to settle down after a cut, for some reason. Like yours, the texture changes. I know I need a cut, but I’ve been putting it off for years now.

  3. I’ve been trying to grow my hair out (about time for a trim) for probably two years. It’s getting closer to the length I want to keep it at (mid back) but it’s been taking forever! I love your hair this length, it looks so good on you!

  4. I love your new look 🙂 Just before I found out I was pregnant with my twins (over 5 years ago), I took 16 inches off my hair… and literally had hair to my ears… lol it took a while to get used to, but it was nice not to have all the headaches I normally do. And, all my hair was donated… so that made me feel better 😉

  5. I lovvveeee your short do. I one time chopped my hair off up to my chin, and holy wow it was soooo easy. However ponytails and other styles than down or half up half down we hard a hell. My ponytail looked like a palmtree/ sticking straight out thing. Weird!! But I think the length you picked is amazing and conventional!

  6. A bad hairdresser cut my hair off at chin level when I had asked for it to be at my collarbone. I hated it! I couldn’t put it up in a ponytail. I love the versatility of my long hair.

  7. I don’t consider your hair short…just short for you, Miranda! It looks gorgeous that length — about shoulder-length. I thought maybe you decided to go with a pixie, and I’m glad you didn’t. You have stunning hair.

  8. I’ve done super short pixies and I used to have waist length hair. I’ve never made it more than an inch or two past my shoulders since cutting off the waist length. I like both but even now, I feel like it takes FOREVER to dry my hair.

  9. I’ve done both extremes many times in my life. I have to say I love both equally and I’m lucky my hair grows really fast so I can back and forth.

  10. I could write a book on adjusting to that change! LOL Your hair does look wonderful, shiny, smooth and “healthy.” The length is very flattering to you and I like what you’re doing with your colour.

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