Peacock Eyes Makeup Tutorial

    One of my goals this summer was to start working more color into my eye makeup. The Revealed palettes threw a big wrench in my plans, because I feel like I haven’t even touched any bold brights lately! So this weekend, I sat down with a new colorful palette that I picked up at PHAMExpo, and I worked on an eye look I’ve admired for a while!

    Peacock Eyes Makeup Tutorial

    These cool tones resemble the various shades found in peacock feathers, and are perfect to make brown eyes really stand out. Check out the video to see how I achieved this peacock eyes look.

    Products Used:

    I’m in love with these colors together! I don’t think I applied the lashes close enough to my lash line though, because they don’t look married together very much. Perhaps I could have curled my lashes more to help. It’s a never ending process of learning, beauty vlogging is!

    Alright, I promise that I’ll continue to work on adding more color to my makeup looks! Watch out for more creations on my social media. 🙂



    1. I love how pretty this is ! I had so much fun watching your video, I did something very similar to this the other day.

    2. Very pretty Miranda! You have me wanting that Revealed 2 palette too! I’m looking forward to the future looks with more color!

    3. Wow, what a beautiful look! Just gorgeous! I’ve gotta try something like this one of these days and break out of my neutral looks.


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