NOTW: Wet N Wild Fergie Nail Color in Ferguson Crest Syrah

    ferguson crest syrah

    I couldn’t resist picking up the Wet N Wild Fergie Nail Color in Ferguson Crest Syrah over the holidays. A purple/burgundy shade full of sparkles, the complexity of this polish pulled me in. You can see a glow of gold in the bottle, which made me think this might be a duochrome.

    wet n wild fergie ferguson crest syrah

    Although the gold undertones do not transfer onto the nail whatsoever, I am still head over heels for this shade! The purple sparkles really come through when the polish catches the light.

    The formula itself is easy to work with. It’s thin enough so that it dries quickly between coats, but thick enough so that you only need about two to three coats for full opacity. Despite its glittery-ness, it’s rather easy to remove. The first time I wore this, I forgot to apply base coat (whoops!) but didn’t experience any staining on the nails, even after 5 days of wear. With that being said, this polish already starts to show tip wear after a couple of days- even with top coat.


    Besides its short wear time, the other downside to this polish is its brush. It widens towards the ends, but also splays out further when pressed onto the nail. It’s hard to get up next to the nail’s edges without painting some skin because the bristles spread so widely. This could cause some of the polish to pool in the cuticles if you’re not careful.

    Overall, I think this is a good polish for those who like to switch it up constantly, because it’s not long wearing. Plus, it’s only about $2 at Walgreens!

    Have you tried any of the other Wet N Wild Fergie products?




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