My #BeautyStory: Being Myself, Confidently

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    My #BeautyStory: Being Myself, Confidently | SlashedBeauty

    Although Mother’s Day has passed, there’s not one day that goes by where I don’t appreciate the close relationship I have with my own mom. Being an only child with a single mother, it was just the two of us growing up. Like most kids, I absorbed everything she did like a sponge— it’s a good thing that she’s such an amazing, strong, and beautiful woman!

    My #BeautyStory: Being Myself, Confidently | SlashedBeauty
    While raising me, my mom didn’t put a huge emphasis on beauty standards for herself or for me. She was also pretty liberal about letting me express myself through beauty. She reluctantly supported my choice to get an awful pixie cut in the fourth grade (which I hid under a hat while growing out), didn’t say a word as I layered on thick coats of eyeliner while donning fishnets in middle school, and let me dye my hair the craziest of colors in high school.

    My #BeautyStory: Being Myself, Confidently | SlashedBeauty

    It was never about what was on the outside, because that’s not what made me who I was. And she would remind me of that every time I came home dejected about being bullied for the same hair choices, and for being chubbier than my classmates. When I was second guessing how I presented myself compared to the world’s beauty standards, my mom encouraged me to do what made me happy, and to confidently be myself. “So what?” was a response I got a lot when I would report that other kids had a problem with how I looked. So what, indeed.

    She always let me test the limits of beauty ideals because she agreed that everyone is allowed to define their own beauty. While hindsight is 20/20 (especially when I look back on pictures and cringe) this lesson helped me keep my self esteem high while challenging the beauty mold.

    My #BeautyStory: Being Myself, Confidently | SlashedBeauty

    My mom is beautiful. She just turned 52 this past Mother’s Day, in fact, and we still get mistaken for sisters when we go out together. I think that has a lot to do with who she is as a person, and her bright personality. It’s funny, people always call us twins, but neither of us sees the resemblance (although I envy her beautiful green eyes). On most days, my mom will confidently leave the house in a Spice Girls or Batman tee and shorts without a care in the world… and get compliments! She carries herself like she runs the world and nothing can bring her down. Makeup is usually kept minimal, but her natural beauty holds its own.

    While confidently being myself could be one of the greatest things my mom has taught me in terms of beauty, she’s also passed down her strong will, determination, workaholic tendencies, kind heart and sense of humor. These are what make her the most beautiful to me, and the shared characteristics between us that I cherish most. There isn’t a day where my actions aren’t influenced by the lessons my mom taught me. Most importantly, these are the parts of me that I value of myself most.

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    1. You are lucky to have such a wonderful, loving mother. She sounds so very special. It was a pleasure to read about her and your relationship.

    2. You and your mom are just gorgeous. I was very close to my mother, we were best friends. I am so lucky that we had that kind of relationship. <3


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